exellent brain Quiz
Question Number 1
what is the correct arrangement of the parts of an atmosphere?
A. stratusphere-mesosphere-thermosphere-exosphere-troposphere
B. troposphere-stratusphere-thermosphere-mesosphere-exosphere
C. troposphere-stratusphere-mesosphere-thermosphere-exosphere
Question Number 2
what disease is caused from smoking?
A. tuberculosis
B. leptospirosis
C. lung cancer
D. brain tumor
E. both a and c
Question Number 3
what age does the puberty occur??
A. 18-20 years old
B. 10-18 years old
C. 7-10 years old
D. 20-30 years old
Question Number 4
who invented the first flying plane??
A. leonardo da vincii
B. mona lisa
C. albert einstien
D. non Of these
Question Number 5
protons-negatively charged,,,_______-positively charged
A. cell
B. protons
C. electrons
D. electricity