Arawaks Quiz
Question Number 1
1. Where did the Arawaks first live?
A. north america
B. south america
C. central america
D. mexico
Question Number 2
2. In 500 BC the Arawaks moved from one island to the next in which direction?
A. east
B. west
C. north
D. south
Question Number 3
3. Where were Arawak villages found?
A. inland
B. along rivers and coasts
C. along coasts
D. along rivers
Question Number 4
4. Arawaks sometimes gave themselves based on.....
A. the name of their gods
B. the name of sacred ancestors
C. their surname only
D. the name of the place they settled
Question Number 5
5. What were the Arawaks in the Bahamas called?
A. indians
B. lucayo
C. aztecs
D. caribs
Question Number 6
6. Which word tells what type of farming the Tainos did?
A. subsistence
B. cross crop
C. large scale
D. none of the above
Question Number 7
7. What does lucayo mean?
A. large family
B. large island
C. free people
D. small island
Question Number 8
what was their main farming method?
A. shifting
B. slash & burn
C. plotting
D. none of the above
Question Number 9
4. Where were crops planted?
A. clean soil
B. wide pots in deep holes
C. ashes among blackened tree stumps
D. clay pots filled with ashes and soil
Question Number 10
After how many years did the soil become exhausted?
A. 2-3
B. 5-10
C. 10-15
D. 4-8
Question Number 11
How was the land treated before it was farmed?
A. fields were fertilized with a mixture of ash and urine
B. irrigation ditches were dug
C. fields were fertilized with ashes and animal waste
D. a & b
E. a & c
Question Number 12
Why did Tainos block rivers?
A. to mark their territory
B. to fish
C. to make fish ponds
D. to wash and bathe
Question Number 13
what vegetables were produced on all islands?
A. sweet potato,sweet pepper,cassava
B. hot pepper,sweet potato,cassava
C. maize,cassava,sweet potato
D. sweet potato,cassava,onions
Question Number 14
what other crops were grown?
A. tobacco
B. cotton
C. sugar cane
D. a & b
E. b & c
Question Number 15
What animals did the Tainos trap?
A. snakes,bats,iguanas
B. agoutis
C. a,b& d
D. lizards,conies,rabbits
E. a &d
Question Number 16
Which animal was eaten as a delicacy?
A. dog
B. rabbit
C. snake
D. iguana
Question Number 17
what tools were used by fishermen?
A. nets,hooks,spears
B. hooks,nets
C. hooks,spears,nets,remora
D. spears,nets
Question Number 18
what was the simplest Taino dish?
A. pot stew
B. pepper pot
C. roast ducks
D. fish and cassava
Question Number 19
what were breads and cakes made from?
A. maize & cassava
B. cassava & flour
C. maize,cassava,spices
D. cassava,sweet potato
Question Number 20
what colour maize was used?
A. yellow
B. white
C. yellow & white
D. green
Question Number 21
Taino believed which food was for the souls of the dead?
A. custard apples
B. tomatoes
C. mammy apples
D. none of the above
Question Number 22
what colour clay was used to make pottery?
A. red & brown
B. red
C. brown & grey
D. red, brown & grey
Question Number 23
what were the elaborate urns used for?
A. holding ancestors bones
B. a & d
C. the cacique
D. placing food in the grave
E. all of the above
Question Number 24
what were tools made from?
A. wood,stone,shell
B. wood,stone,bone
C. wood,stone,shell,bone
D. stone,bone,metal,wood
Question Number 25
how was wood treated before use?
A. soaked
B. split into supple strips
C. all of the above
D. none of the above
Question Number 26
What was collected from bushes on the islands?
A. spices
B. fruits
C. cotton
D. none of the above
Question Number 27
how many people were able to fit into a canoe?
A. 60 or 70
B. 40 or 50
C. 50 or 60
D. 70 or 80
Question Number 28
What goods did they trade between settlements?
A. cloth,tools,fruits
B. furniture,tobacco
C. weapons
D. a & b
E. all of the above
Question Number 29
Question Number 30
what did larger islands like Haiti export?
A. cotton
B. tobacco
C. gold
D. all of the above
Question Number 31
What material was shaped to make tools and weapons?
A. hard stone
B. metals
C. stone and metal
D. copper
Question Number 32
what were fishing arrows and spears tipped with?
A. silver
B. shell
C. gold
D. shell and bones
Question Number 33
what was used to make fish hooks?
A. sharpened metal
B. turtle shell
C. sharpened bones
D. sharpened stones
Question Number 34
what was the only weapon of Tainos in the Bahamas?
A. wooden spears
B. arrows
C. wooden javelins
D. sharpened hooks
Question Number 35
what other weapon did Tainos use?
A. darts
B. spears
C. clubs
D. all of the above
Question Number 36
what was their stout wooden 'sword club' called?
A. amariena
B. batton
C. couxie
D. a maena