Brady Bunch Quiz
Question Number 1
Who did Jan make up as a boyfriend?
A. George Glass
B. Cory Matthews
C. Jack Goose
D. George Lovly
E. Mike Myers
F. Chrispher Knight
Question Number 2
What was the name of Corol nehew.
A. Jack
B. Davey
C. Oliver
D. Seven
E. Blacky
F. Comet
Question Number 3
What was the girls cats name?
A. Apple
B. Eve
C. Cerrie
D. Fluffy
F. Either of them
Question Number 4
What is Mikes middle name?
A. Bob
B. Jimmy
C. Spinner
D. Tony
E. Paul
F. Ethan
Question Number 5
What color was their counter top ?
A. Yellow
B. Brown
C. White
D. Green
E. Light Purple
F. Orange
Question Number 6
What was Bobby afaid of?
A. Ghost
B. Monsters
C. Beiing short
D. The garbage truck
E. The milk man
F. Davy Jones
Question Number 7
What is Corol middle name?
A. Ann
B. Mary
C. Marie
D. Fully
E. Dana
F. Does not have a middle name
Question Number 8
What did the kids call their parents?
A. Mom and Mike
B. Corol and Dad
C. Mom and Dad
D. Mike and Corol
E. Mr. and Mrs. Brady
F. Hey you,Hey u2
Question Number 9
The wig that Jan bought what color was it?
A. Either
B. Blond
C. Black
D. Red
E. Green
F. White
Question Number 10
Who was Grunpy in the playSnow white?
A. Sam
B. Peter
C. Marica
D. Cindy
E. Alice
F. Next door neighbor