King of the Hill Quiz
Question Number 1
Where does Hank work?
A. I dunno
B. Strickland Propane
C. Thatherton Propane
D. MegaLoMart
E. He is unemlpoyed
F. Dale's Dead Bugs
Question Number 2
What is Bobby's girlfreinds name?
A. Connie
B. Kahnie
C. LouAnn
D. Peggy
E. Nancy
F. Lenore
Question Number 3
What state is Bill's family orginally from?
A. Arizona
B. New York
C. Louisianna
D. Montana
E. Texas
F. North Dakota
Question Number 4
What is Hank'baby brothers name?
A. Joseph
B. Dale
C. Cotton
D. G.H
E. B.J
F. Lucy
Question Number 5
What does Peggy do for a living?
A. Secretary
B. Doctor
C. Nurse
D. Teacher
E. Boxer
F. Substitute teacher
Question Number 6
Who is Joseph Gribbles father?
A. Dale Gribble
B. Boomhower
C. Bobby Hill
D. John Redcorn
E. Hank Hill
F. Bill Deautrieve
Question Number 7
What is LouAnn's last name?
A. Snack
B. Hill
C. Gribble
D. Jones
E. Platter
F. I dunno
Question Number 8
What is the Hill's dog's name?
A. Spotty
B. Propanie
C. RoverMutt
D. Puppykins
E. LadyBird
F. Mrfrog