Do you watch TV often? Quiz
Question Number 1
Who is the main character of Thats So Raven?
A. eddie
B. chelsey
C. stanley
D. tonya
E. victor
F. raven
Question Number 2
Who on the Little Rascals has a little peice of their hair sticking up?
A. alpha
B. buckweet
C. darla
D. froggie
E. spankie
F. neither of the above
Question Number 3
Who on WWE RAW is the person who has the status "You can't see me"
A. The Undertaker
B. Jhon Cena
C. Batista
D. Jeff Hardy
E. Hogan
F. Stone Cold
Question Number 4
Which character on "The Fairy Odd Parents" is always beeing mean to timmy?
A. dingle berg
B. chip
C. vikie
D. cosmo
E. wanda
F. chip skylark
Question Number 5
Who is the person that is old on Dog The Bounty Hunter"?
A. tim
B. beth
C. leland
D. duane lee
E. lisa
F. justin