grade 6 science Quiz
Question Number 1
Which is the main organ of the excretory system
A. liver
B. tongue
C. ear
D. kidney
E. eyes
Question Number 2
What vibrates first when sound goes into the ear
A. kidney
B. retina
C. liver
D. eardrum
E. ossicles
Question Number 3
What is a force
A. a push,pull or twist
B. the ability to do work
C. the removal of waste from the body
D. a picture
E. an inclined plane
Question Number 4
A complex machine contains:
A. shells
B. simple machines
C. a coin
D. wheels
E. wood
Question Number 5
What opposes motion
A. force
B. weight
C. friction
D. noise
E. science
Question Number 6
what is intensity?
A. the loudness of a sound
B. the softness of a sound
C. the removal of waste from the body
D. the highness of a sound
E. music
Question Number 7
Which organ in the eyes sends messages to the brain for interpretation
A. auditory nerves
B. receptor cells
C. blind spot
D. optic nerves
E. sensory cells
Question Number 8
What part of the eyes are sensitive to light
A. lens
B. rods and cones
C. pupil
D. cochlea
E. cornea
Question Number 9
What is the sense organ of taste?
A. tongue
B. ear
C. mouth
D. skin
E. eyes
Question Number 10
Aids is caused by :
A. bacteria
B. chlorine
C. excretion
D. virus
E. playing