Online quiz for adults Quiz
Question Number 1
Who is the father of microscopy,it is the first man who observe bacteria and protozoan
A. Galileo galilei
B. Zachariah jansen
C. Anton van leeuwenhoek
D. Robert hooke
E. Joseph jackson lister
F. Heremy Calderon
Question Number 2
In the parts of microscope,what are the two magnifying parts
A. Ocular lens,objective lens
B. Condenser,aperture
C. Course adjustment knob,fine adjustment knob
D. Arm,pillar
E. Stage,stage clips
F. Nose piece,dust shield
Question Number 3
In the biological organization,its group of two or more types of tissue that work together
A. Tissue
B. Cell
C. Ecosystem
D. Organ
E. Population
F. Organism
Question Number 4
In the table of elements what does (CA) mean
A. Carbon
B. Copper
C. Chromium
D. Cerium
E. Calcium
F. Chlorine
Question Number 5
It is our soldier of the body,they are responsible for fighting foreign organisms that enter into the system
A. Nulilocytes
B. Erythrocytes
C. Thrombocytes
D. Lymphocytes
E. Granulocytes
F. Leucocytes