Adventures in babysitting Quiz
Question Number 1
Who goes undercover to be a British princess
A. Lola
B. Nobody
C. Jenny
D. Emily
E. Katy
F. Aj
Question Number 2
Who Cooks for a baking competition
A. aj
B. Bobby
C. Mom
D. Dad
E. Jenny
F. Lola
Question Number 3
Who gets sent to jail
A. Bobby
B. Jenny
D. Emily
E. Nobody
F. Lola
Question Number 4
Who said donít mess with the babysitterís
A. Jenny
B. Zac
C. Lola
D. Nobody
E. Emily
F. Katy
Question Number 5
Who switch phones
A. Lola and Jenny
B. Emily and Bobby
C. Mom and AJ
D. Katy and Zac
E. Trey and his friend
F. Dad and Bobby
Question Number 6
Who are the main characters
A. Bobby
B. Emily
C. ZacAnd Jenny
D. Mom and dad
F. Jenny and Lola
Question Number 7
Who got a tattoo
A. Jenny
B. Lola
C. Nobody
E. Bobby
F. Emily
Question Number 8
Who snuck out the house
A. Emily
B. Katy
C. Nobody
E. Trey
F. Bobby
Question Number 9
How did Lola get Put to jail
A. She didnít get put to jail
B. She Stole something
C. She rob the bank
D. She Took all of Jenny clothes
E. She kidnapped Emily
F. She was selling concert tickets
Question Number 10
Finish this sentence everybody say
A. Babysitters rule
B. Kids night out
C. Best babysitters
D. Dance party