Arianna Science Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the name of the instrument used to measure rainfall?
A. Barometer
B. Wind Vqne
C. Raingauge
D. Thermometer
Question Number 2
What is weather?
A. Weather is the atmosphere changing
B. weather is a condition that dosent change
C. Weather is the rotation of the sun and moon
D. weather is the state of the atmosphere at any given period of time
Question Number 3
Name 2 weather elements
A. Barometer/ Wind vane
B. thermometer/ruler
C. Air pressure and Humidity
D. thermometer
Question Number 4
The higher air rises the hotter it gets
A. True
B. False
Question Number 5
Who reads reads the weather?
A. Doctor
B. Lawyer
C. weather person
D. Meteorologist
Question Number 6
What is climate change
A. this is when long period of weathers are altere
B. this global warming
C. changingb ofb the weather