Do you know Harry Potter? Quiz
Question Number 1
Who were Harry's parents?
A. Ginny and Ron
B. Hermoine and Ron
C. James and Lily
D. Neville and Ron
E. Dumbledore and Minerva
Question Number 2
Who was Harry's godfather?
A. Vernon
B. Dumbledore
C. Hermoine
D. Ron
E. Sirius
Question Number 3
Who brought Harry his cake for his 11th birthday?
A. Ron
B. Hermoine
C. Dumbledore
D. Hagrid
E. Snape
Question Number 4
Who's face was on the back of Quirrell's head?
A. Ron
B. Hagrid
C. Dudley
D. Voldemort
E. Harry
Question Number 5
Who stole Mr. Weasley car?
A. Harry and Ron
B. Fred and George
C. Hermoine and Ginny
D. Harry and Ginny
E. Harry and Draco
Question Number 6
Who got taken over by Voldemort?
A. Harry
B. Ginny
C. Hermoine
D. Ron
E. Colin
Question Number 7
Who turned into the cat?
A. Ron
B. Harry
C. Ginny
D. Hermoine
E. Minerva
Question Number 8
Who married Fleur?
A. Bill
B. Ron
C. Harry
D. Charlie
E. Hermoine
Question Number 9
Who found Harry, Ron, and Hermoine in the forest?
A. The Malfoys
B. The Potters
C. Themselves
D. The Grangers
E. The Weasleys
Question Number 10
What was the three headed dog's name?
A. Butch
B. Molly
C. Fluffy
D. Buddy
E. Harry