King of the hill Quiz
Question Number 1
Where does Hank Hill work?
A. Strickland Strip club
B. Strickland Toy Factory
C. Strickland Drunkin Clam
D. Strickland Propane
E. Strickland Gangsters
F. Strickland Bobby Hills pants
Question Number 2
Who does Bobby's best friend Joseph like?
A. Bobby
B. Hank
C. Peggy
D. Meg Griffin
E. Carol Young
F. Luanne
Question Number 3
What city do the Hill's live in?
A. Quohog
B. Springfield
C. Arlen
D. South Park
E. Lil bush's house
F. Binkini Bottom
Question Number 4
who does Nancy Gribble cheat on with Dale
A. Bobby Hill
B. John Redcorn
C. Lois Griffin
D. Brian Griffin
E. Bart Simspon
F. Emily Gert
Question Number 5
Who is the niece who stays at the Hill's
A. Luanne
B. The Evil Monkey (Family Guy)
C. Drawn Together
D. Lisa Simspon
E. John Kennedy
F. Satan
Question Number 6
Who is Bobby Hills Girl friend?
A. Lady Bird
B. Marge Simspon
C. Hank HIl
D. Lacy Peterson
E. The teletubies
F. Connie
Question Number 7
Who is Hank Hills father?
A. Lil Bush's mom
B. Peter Griffin
C. Cotton Hill
D. Brian Griffin
E. Doug Funnie
F. Turtle Man who hits him
Question Number 8
What color is Peggy Hill's hair?
A. Purple
B. Bald (cancer):(
C. Red
D. Brown
E. Blonde
F. Orange
Question Number 9
How old is Bobby?
A. 13
B. 43
C. 10
D. 96
E. 2
F. in Peggy's womb
Question Number 10
What does Hank Hill sell?
A. bomb
B. slaves
C. prostitute
D. cigars
E. propane
F. beer
Question Number 11
What state do the Hill's live in?
A. New York
B. Florida
C. Minnesota
D. Montana
E. California
F. Texas
Question Number 12
What would best describe Bobby
A. class clown
B. Hooker
C. smart
D. emo
E. retarted
F. gay