King of the Hill Quiz
Question Number 1
What was the year when King of the hill came first came on?
A. 1995
B. 1992
C. 1997
D. 1999
E. 2001
F. 1989
Question Number 2
Which channels can you find this show on?
A. Comedy Central
B. tbs
C. fx
D. abc
E. Fox
F. c and e
Question Number 3
Who plays the voice of Hank Hill?
A. Mike Smith
B. Mike Judge
C. Tom Petty
D. Seth MacFarlane
E. Tom Smith
F. Tom Judge
Question Number 4
Who's the person who plays Bobby Hill (female)
A. Brittany Murphy
B. Chelsey Young
C. Sandy Olson
D. Hannah Lincoln
E. Pamela Adlon
F. Candace Rich
Question Number 5
What is the pet's name at the Hill's
A. Lady Bug
B. Spot
C. Moe
D. Lady Bird
E. Snickers
F. Bob
Question Number 6
About how many episodes does this show have?
A. 200
B. 150
C. 100
D. 180
E. 120
F. 145
Question Number 7
How many season does this show have?
A. 15
B. 10
C. 8
D. 5
E. 12
F. 11
Question Number 8
What day did this show come on air?
A. January,12, 1997
B. January,12, 1995
C. March,10,1997
D. September,15,1998
E. July,18,1997
F. May,21,2000
Question Number 9
What year did it once get cancelled?
A. 2004
B. 1999
C. 2001
D. 2003
E. 1998
F. it was never cancelled!
Question Number 10
The same creator of the show made another show called...
A. Ren and Stimpy
B. Futurama
C. The Critic
D. Beavis and but head
E. Fairly odd parents
F. lil bush
Question Number 11
Who plays the voice of Luanne the girl who is Peggy and Hanks niece
A. Amy Benson
B. Kristina Shepards
C. Lauren Tom
D. Dianna Hunten
E. Brittany Murphy
F. Laura Murry
Question Number 12
What does Hank Hill sell?
A. cigaretts
B. propane
C. clothes
D. houses
E. corn
F. chocolate
Question Number 13
Hank Hill is a...
A. asian
B. southern
C. Redneck
D. pig
E. latin
F. canadian
Question Number 14
Where do the Hill's live?
A. Miami Florida
B. New York City
C. Atlanta Georga
D. Madison Wisconsin
E. Arlen Texas
F. Helena Montana
Question Number 15
What state was Hank Hill born in?
A. Texas
B. New York
C. Montan
D. Ohio
E. Californa
F. Minnesota
Question Number 16
Who is Hank Hill's father?
A. Cotton Hill
B. George Hill
C. Tom Hill
D. James Hill
E. Jordan Hill
F. Bob Hill
Question Number 17
Who does Bobby Hill like
A. Amy
B. Luanne
C. Connie
D. Peggy
E. Candace
F. Brittany
Question Number 18
What does Peggy Hill do for a living?
A. teacher
B. gym teacher
C. sells propane
D. substitute teacher
E. Athlete
F. Library teacher
Question Number 19
The Hill's have a pet that is a ..
A. bird
B. cat
C. hamster
D. fish
E. dog
F. rat
Question Number 20
The name of Bobby's school is?
A. Jameswoods High
B. Camp Elementary
C. Meadow Hills Junior High
D. Spring Bloom Middle School
E. Lincoln High
F. Tom Laundary Middle School