high school musical Quiz
Question Number 1
who are the four main people on high school musical 1 and 2
A. sharpay
B. ryan
C. troy
D. gabrella
Question Number 2
who are the four main people on high school musical 1 and 2
A. ryan sharpay troy gabrella
B. chad sharpay troy ryan
C. taylor celses troy chad
D. gabrella shaerpay taylor maether
E. chad maether taylor troy
F. chad marther celses gabrella
Question Number 3
who are the two nasty people in the film 1/2?
A. gabrella troy
B. chand taylor
C. celese marther
D. ryan sharpay
E. zek troy
F. gabrella marther
Question Number 4
what high school do they all go to?
A. cool high
B. ball high
C. moonlight high
D. sunlight high
E. silly high
F. east high
Question Number 5
when did troy and gabrella meet?
A. birthday party
B. bascetball game
C. school
D. kinder
E. shop
F. new years eve
Question Number 6
where and what do ryan and sharpay do on summer?
A. sing and dance
B. play and laugh
C. swim andsplash
D. fight and talk
E. drive and sleep
F. go to laves spring and do a talent show
Question Number 7
what song does sharpay sing?
A. poo you!
B. go away!
C. i want fabulas!
D. silly boy!
E. i love you!
F. hurt me!
Question Number 8
At the baseball game what song does chad sig?
A. I dont know!
B. your so cool!
C. poo poo!
D. I dont dance!
E. you silly!
F. cool cool!