Cardiovascular Quiz
Question Number 1
Which cardiovacular intensity would keep your RMR (resting metabolic rate) the highest after exercise?
A. 20-40
B. 75-85
C. 40-60
D. 60-75
E. 10-20
Question Number 2
What fuel provides the most ATP during exercise?
A. Carbohydrates
B. Fats
C. Protein
D. Sugar
E. Complex Carbohydrates
Question Number 3
When is the best time to ingest a sport drink?
A. 20 minutes after exercise
B. Before an exercise
C. After 50 minutes of exercise when your electrolytes are low
D. After a vigourous resistance training routine
Question Number 4
What should your head be doing while running?
A. Moving side to side to increase momentum
B. As still as you can while keeping your facial muscles completely relaxed
C. It should be looking at the ground so you dont get dizzy
D. Why does it matter? Who cares?
Question Number 5
What does the term 'carboloading' mean?
A. Ingesting large amounts of carbohydrates 7-3 days before the event and then having little carbs for the next 3 days
B. Taking a sport drink directly before the exercise to prevent overtraining.
C. carbowhat?
D. It involves ingesting large amounts of carbohydrates 3 days before the event to saturate your cells with energy.
Question Number 6
What is does your body use after 20 minutes of moderate intensity exercise? (60% of MHR)
A. Glucogen
B. Glycogen
C. Fats
D. Protein
Question Number 7
Which supplement has been recently suggested to have harmful effects on your heart and other organs? (In reference to a popular stimulant)
A. E.P.O. (the popular drug that long distance runners use)
B. Ma Haung (Ephedra)
C. Caffeine
D. White willow bark (Suppose to be like an asprin)
Question Number 8
Will creatine help me with running?
A. Only if the exercise is more than 20 minutes in duration
B. Only if your name is Jackson 5
C. Only if you combine it with simple carbohydrates
D. Only if you are sprinting for less than 15 seconds in sets
Question Number 9
Which type of training involves random timed intervals?
A. Periodization
B. Fartlek Training
C. Internal Training
D. Anerobic Sprinting
Question Number 10
What could be the cause of a 'muscle cramp?'
A. A need for potassium
B. A need for water
C. A need for sodium
D. All of the above