WWE Quiz
Question Number 1
How many titles has triple H won
A. 12
B. 11
C. 14
D. 15
E. 20
F. 16
Question Number 2
What is HBK real name
A. Michael
B. Shelton
C. Shawn
D. Jeff
E. Matt
F. Ric
Question Number 3
Where is CM PUNK from
A. Louisiana
B. Canada
C. Virgina
D. Georgia
E. Los Angeles
F. Chicago
Question Number 4
How many titles has Ric Flair one
A. 17
B. 15
C. 11
D. 20
E. 16
F. 25
Question Number 5
What does triple H stand for
A. Hunter Helmsly Hearst
B. Helmsly Hernadaz Hunter
C. Hunter Hernadaz Helmsly
D. Hunter Hearst Helmsly
E. Hunter Holy Helsmly
F. Hunter Hernandaz Helmsly
Question Number 6
What show was triple H on besides wwe
A. Boiling Point
B. Americas funniest home videos
C. Punke'd
D. A and E
E. Cribs
F. None of the above
Question Number 7
How tall is the Great Kahli
A. 7'3
B. 7'4
C. 6'11
D. 7'5
E. 8'0
F. 7'4 1/2
Question Number 8
How much does the great Kahli weigh
A. 415
B. 420
C. 411
D. 410
E. 407
F. 417