A real science puiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Which animal is a carnivor?
A. Crab
B. Human
C. Turtle
D. Lion
E. kitten
Question Number 2
Which place is colder?
A. The north pole
B. The south pole
C. The earth`s core
D. The beach
E. Afica
Question Number 3
Are you a....
A. turtle
B. fish
C. bear
D. human
E. lobster
Question Number 4
Which is the cause for weight
A. food
B. anger
C. gravity
D. mass
Question Number 5
If you run out of vitamn C which disorders will you have?
A. Rickets
B. Bleed in the gum and your wound won`t heal properly
C. having alot of cavities
D. you will die
E. Night Blindness