BE SMART!!!!!! Quiz
Question Number 1
What is a Personal Computer meant for????
A. personal use at home
B. calculations
C. storing information
Question Number 2
how many parts has a Personal Computer ???
A. 1
B. 10
C. 3
Question Number 3
what for is the key-board used?????
A. to feed data
B. eat
C. couloring
Question Number 4
who is an operator??????
A. who make the mouse
B. who make the key-board
C. who make the printer
Question Number 5
how many parts has the system unit???
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
Question Number 6
what is the function of the CPU?????
A. to charge the comuter
B. controlling the computer
C. to feed data
Question Number 7
in which 2 other countries was theabacus in use?????
A. new york and japan
B. potugal and spain
C. russia and japan
Question Number 8
Who was Herman Hollerith???
A. a teacher
B. a singer
C. a methemetican
Question Number 9
which machine did Herman Hollerith invent ???
C. taulating machine
Question Number 10
where did Herman Hollerith take idea from develop his machine????
A. from the card punching of jauard
B. autometic calculator
C. eletronic delay