camp rock Quiz
Question Number 1
What music group is in the movie "camp rock"
A. Dixie Chix
B. The Jonas Brothers
C. The White Stripes
E. Metallica
F. Blink 182
Question Number 2
Who plays the role "Mitchie" in Camp Rock
A. Avril Lavigne
B. Demi Lovato
C. Hilary Duff
D. Alyson Stoner
E. Miley Cyrus
F. Jessica Simpson
Question Number 3
Who is the drama queen in camp rock?
A. Mitchie
B. Peggy
C. Ella
D. Tess
E. Lola
F. Dee
Question Number 4
What was the first song sung in camp rock?
A. Gotta find you
B. too cool
C. 2 stars
D. what it takes
E. who will i be
Question Number 5
How many people are in the music group Connect 3 in camp rock?
A. 5
B. 2
C. 3
D. 6
E. 4
F. 1