Twilight-New Moon Quiz
Question Number 1
Who was the fastest one in Cullen family?
A. Jasper
B. Edward
C. Rosalie
D. Carlisle
E. Alice
Question Number 2
What made Bella wake up with fears in the beginning of New Moon?
A. She dreamt of a monster
B. She saw James in her dream
C. She saw a baboon in her dream
D. In her dream,she was old like her grandma
E. A big noise outside her house
Question Number 3
How long did Bella gave Edward to decide her immortal?
A. 10 months
B. 18 years
C. 5 years
D. 3 years
E. 18 months
Question Number 4
What did Alice do when Edward,Bella and Alice come back from Volterra?
A. Found a bathroom
B. Ran to Jasper and kissed him
C. Ran to Jasper and looked at him,deeply
D. Shouted at Rosalie
E. Go shopping
Question Number 5
How old was Edward? [as a Vampire]
A. 100 years old
B. 110 years old
C. 106 years old
D. 17 years old
E. I don't know!!!!
Question Number 6
What was the different thing of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black?
A. The temperatures,the species
B. The looks,the clothes
C. The love with Bella
D. The eyes,the hands
E. All of them !!
Question Number 7
Who could make people hurt with a look of the eyes ?
A. Alice
B. Marcus
C. Esme
D. Aro
E. Jane
F. None of them !!
Question Number 8
What was the color of the Volturi's eyes ?
A. Black
B. Purple
C. Pink
D. Red
E. White
F. Yellow,like honey