Pilates Quiz
Question Number 1
Other names for pilates are:
A. Anaerobic Bursts of speed
B. yoga with movement, core conditioning, matwork
C. Ab-Tronic
D. Girly Exercises
Question Number 2
There's a high emphasis on breath and form.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 3
Who coined the term Pilates?
A. Christi Pilates
B. Rod R. Pilates
C. Jeff Pilates
D. Stewart Pilates
E. Joseph H. Pilates
Question Number 4
The powerhouse is used to describe which body parts?
A. Hips, Abs, Head
B. abs
C. abs, hips, buttocks and lower back
D. lower back
E. Legs
F. Arms
Question Number 5
One of the benefits of pilates is that: Students who take up this exercise begin to move more gracefully
A. True
B. False
Question Number 6
The main benefit of pilates is:
A. You can do it at work
B. You only need a mat
C. You can do it in your sleep
D. You have to workout for 1 hour per day every day