Break from Rome Quiz
Question Number 1
What was the Break from Rome?
A. An Italian musician
B. The split of Henry VIII from the Protestant Church
C. Henry VIII's conversion from Catholicism to Protestantism
D. . Martin Luther's fight against the Pope
Question Number 2
What title was Henry VIII given by the Pope before Conversion?
A. Your Holiness
B. Defender of the Faith
C. Honorary Fathership
D. Keeper of the Spirit
Question Number 3
Why did Henry want to divorce his first wife Catherine?
A. She was growing horribly unattractive
B. She had too many sons
C. She betrayed the Royal Family
D. She was no longer be able to bore him a son
Question Number 4
What was the name of his sweetheart?
A. Anne Boylen
B. Katy Boylen
C. Mary Tudor
D. Elizabeth Tudor
Question Number 5
The reasons for the Break from Rome can be categorized into...
A. Economic, Marriage, Divorce
B. Economic, Religious, Personal
C. . Religious, Divorce, Economic
D. Economic, Religious, Private
Question Number 6
Which Pope was in charge during the Break?
A. Pope Allen
B. Pope Innocent VIII
C. Pope Alexander XI
D. Pope Clement VIII
Question Number 7
What was the main economic reason for the Break from Rome?
B. He didn't approve of the Vatican taxes
C. The Vatican were sueing him for libel
D. Henry could not afford to build, run and upkeep all the Churches
Question Number 8
Why did Henry go through so many wives?
A. . Because he got bored when they got older
B. They all left him
C. He just married them for attention
D. They failed to bore him a son
Question Number 9
Where was Protestantism formed?
A. England
B. Rome
C. Germany
D. New Spain
Question Number 10
He got rid of his next wife, Anne Boleyn, how?
A. He died before her
B. . She died
C. Divorced her
D. Beheaded
Question Number 11
Henry wanted a heir .How many wives did he before he got One
A. 12
B. 50
C. 6
D. 376969
Question Number 12
Henry Raided what for money and riches?
A. Microsoft
B. Caburys
C. Monastries
D. Nothing
Question Number 13
What happen to Henry to make him do this?????????
A. The Pope tried to killed him
B. The Pope excomumited him
C. He was having a bad year
D. Divorced was not allowing
Question Number 14
Henry wanted a heir .How many wives did he before he got One
A. 3
B. 2
C. 54
D. 909090909
Question Number 15
What was Henry VIII's second name
A. Black
B. Stuart
C. Tudor
D. Windsor
Question Number 16
What did Henry make the religion of England?
A. Religion of the Buses
B. Orthodox
C. Gaga
D. Protestant