Finland Quiz
Question Number 1
What is Finland's capital?
A. Helsinki
B. Tampere
C. Finnizit
D. Pikkari
E. Hellzits
F. Tamppooni
Question Number 2
What is Finland famous for?
A. its food
B. its beautiful women
C. its celebrities
D. its ice cream
E. Its saunas
F. its lack of lakes
Question Number 3
Where is Finland located?
A. In Asia
B. In Europe
C. In North America
D. In South America
E. In Antarctica
F. In Africa
Question Number 4
Which of these is not a Finnish name?
A. Hisko
B. Anni
C. Tuomas
D. Sofia
E. Markku
F. None of the above
Question Number 5
Which of these is not a Finnish word?
A. Kakka
B. Mekko
C. Tikka
D. Mekka
E. Pekka
F. Filosofia
Question Number 6
What are Finnish people called?
A. Fizzs
B. Finlandis
C. Finskas
D. Finadians
E. Finnizittis
F. Finns
Question Number 7
What was this quiz about?
A. Ummm...
B. a made-up thing
C. A country
D. Words
E. People
F. Weird stuff!