Advanced Geography Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the southern most country in South America on the mainland?
A. Argentina
B. Chile
C. Brazil
D. U.S
E. Uruguay
F. China
Question Number 2
In what continent is the Ryne river?
A. Asia
B. North America
C. Europe
D. Australia
E. Japan
F. Africa
Question Number 3
Which of these countries has not been independent for 100 years?
A. East Timor
B. Eygpt
C. Italy
D. France
E. United Kingdom
F. U.S
Question Number 4
What country is expected to have the largest population in 2050
A. U.S
B. China
C. Mongolia
D. Russia
E. India
F. Canada
Question Number 5
What is the name of the line that seperated the north from the south in the civil war ?
A. mason-dixon line
B. Washington's border
C. Line of American independency
D. conterian line