kaya ap TV dehtha hai Quiz
Question Number 1
in the show kaya mast hai life which of them is the brother-sister
A. ritu-zeeshan
B. vir-rahgini
C. zeenia-vir
D. zeenia-zeeshan
E. none of these
Question Number 2
in the show of hannah montana does miley said lie
A. yes
B. no
Question Number 3
what is the real name of cody
A. cole
B. dilen
C. michale
D. none of these
Question Number 4
in the serial bhaskar bharti,who was bhashar's best friend
A. vennita
B. amarjeet
C. bharti
D. gyan
E. none of these
Question Number 5
in the show M.A.D who is the anchor
A. chinu
B. vasudha
C. kanika
D. miley
Question Number 6
what is the colour of hannah montana's haircolour
A. black
B. brown
C. golden
D. blue
Question Number 7
hagumarue is a show shown on the channel
A. disney
B. pogo
C. hangama
Question Number 8
srummy is the dialogue of which actors
A. ashwaria
B. ritu
C. ragani
D. vir