pivot Quiz
Question Number 1
what kind of game is pivot
A. a wrestling game
B. skating game
C. snow boarding
D. stick figure
E. boxing
F. four sqaure
Question Number 2
what is the web site to get pivot cheats
A. Droidz - Break away from the norm
B. http://sloth.com.au/
C. http://www.wwe.com/
D. http://inathan.tk/
E. http://www.icarly.com.au/
F. http://tna.com/
Question Number 3
is pivot awesome
A. it sucks
B. awesome
C. infinete awesome
D. ma
E. sort offf
F. cool
Question Number 4
sloths and llamas mixed together would look like what
A. monkey
B. gorilla
C. peorson
D. alien
E. undenterfid flying object
Question Number 5
is this quiz awesome
A. yes
B. no
C. meea