Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz
Question Number 1
Who plays Wil Turner?
A. Johnny Depp
B. Geoffrey Rush
C. Orlando Bloom
D. Jonathan Pryce
Question Number 2
This movie was taken place in which century?
A. 16th
B. 17th
C. 18th
D. 19th
Question Number 3
Who was the captain of the Black Pearl before Captain Barbossa
A. Jack Turner
B. Undead Monsters
C. Skeletons
D. Wil Turner
E. Bob Turner
F. Jack Sparrow
Question Number 4
What happens to the crew of the Black Pearl when they are out in the moonlight?
A. They die
B. They can fly
C. They show their true selves and turn into skeletons
D. They become angelic
Question Number 5
The governor's daughter received a gold necklace from...
A. Jack Sparrow
B. Wil Turner
C. Lt. Gillette
Question Number 6
How did Captain Jack Sparrow get out of jail?
A. He bribed the dog into giving him the key.
B. He strangled the guards and took it.
C. He faked that he was injured and then stole it.
D. He was freed by Wil Turner
E. The Black Pearl blew the jail cell up and set him free
Question Number 7
This movie was directed by Gore Verbinski
A. True
B. False
Question Number 8
WIll Turner was a pirate by trade.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 9
Keira Knightley played the governor's wife.
A. True
B. False