Maya Angelou quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What is Maya Angelou's real name?
A. Macy Johnson
B. Meridith Blake
C. Marge Jason
D. Marguerite Johnson
Question Number 2
What was Maya Angelou's first bestseller?
A. And I still rise
B. I know why the caged bird sings
C. Just give me a cool drink of water 'fore i die
Question Number 3
Who did Maya Angelou inspire?
A. whites
B. African Americans
C. Chinese
D. All of the above
Question Number 4
Who inspired her to write?
A. Malcolm X
B. Martin Luther King
C. James Baldwin
D. Rosa Parks
Question Number 5
Where was Maya Angelou born?
A. Arkansas
B. Missouri
C. California
D. Africa
Question Number 6
What is her sons name?
A. Jason
B. Anthony
C. Ryan
D. Guy
Question Number 7
How old was Maya Angelou when she had her first child?
A. 16
B. 18
C. 21
D. 27
E. 34
Question Number 8
At what college was Maya named Reynolds Professor of American Studies?
A. St.Louis University
B. Harvard
C. Wake Forest university
Question Number 9
When was Maya Angelou born?
A. April 4,1928
B. April 30,1929
C. July 7,1918
D. December 19, 1928
E. April 12, 1929
Question Number 10
Which of the following languages does Maya NOT speak fluently?
A. French
B. Spanish
C. German
D. Italian