basic science Quiz
Question Number 1
which of the following has thebiggest number of functions
A. kidney
B. liver
C. pancreas
D. heart
E. ear
F. tongue
Question Number 2
during the reabsorption of water by he thehormone instrumental in the process
A. insulin
B. glacagons
C. adrenalin
D. antdiuretic hormone
Question Number 3
In the human skin ....................layer serves a function of protection against ultra violet rays from the sun
A. malpigian
B. granular
C. corfied
D. subcutaneous
Question Number 4 a feature sensitve to pressure in an mammalian skin
A. pacinian corpuscle
B. dermis
C. hair follicle
D. sensory nerve ending
Question Number 5
which one of the following parts of the brain is responsible for controlling the rate of breathing
A. medulla oblongata
B. cerebrum
C. cerebellum
D. pineal body