about human body Quiz
Question Number 1
How many bone do a adult human have?
A. 208
B. 203
C. 204
D. 205
E. 206
F. 207
Question Number 2
what allow the bones to move in circles and up and down?
A. gliding joints
B. synovial fluid
C. pivot joint
D. joint
E. hinge joints
F. ball and socket joints
Question Number 3
what gives shape to the body?
A. rib cage
B. skull
C. skeleton
D. breast bone
E. back bone
F. finger body
Question Number 4
what protects the brain?
A. skull
B. rib cage
C. skeleton
D. finger bone
E. back bone
F. eye socket
Question Number 5
what protect the spinal cord
A. ribacage
B. backbone
C. skull
D. skeleton
E. finger bone
F. eye socket