MAke yourself a scientist Quiz
Question Number 1
Which bone protects the lungs and heart?
A. skull
B. backbone
C. rib cage
D. hipbone
Question Number 2
Muscles are all pver the body. Although the bones form the framework of the body, they cannot move themselves. Muscles help the bones move. Which of the following supports the idea?
A. Muscles are all over the body
B. Muscles are attached to the bones
C. Muscles pull the bones to wich it is attached
D. Muscles can be contracted
Question Number 3
How do you make the physically handicapped people behave like normal people?
A. Treat them as special people
B. Help them everytime they do something
C. Let them carry out duties at home and school
D. Do not make them work
Question Number 4
How will you describe the embryo of a plant?
A. a new leaf
B. a young plant
C. outer covering of the seed
D. the part that grow into stem
Question Number 5
Which of the following are the reproductive part of a flower?
A. style and petals
B. sepals and petals
C. ovary and ovule
D. pistil and stamen