NBA Basketball Quiz
Question Number 1
Who are the big three
A. paul pierce, lebron james, and dwight howard
B. paul pierce, kobe bryant, and lebron james
C. derrick rose, kevin garnett, and shaqille o'neal
D. chris bosh . lebron james, and dwayne wade
E. kevin durant, ray allen, and vince carter
F. jose calderon, kevin durant, and derek fisher
Question Number 2
Who is the raptors current coach
A. jay triano
B. micheal curry
C. phil jackson
D. byron scott
E. larry brown
Question Number 3
which basketball player on l.a lakers was born on aug 9, 1974
A. kobe byrant
B. derek fisher
C. pau gasol
D. lamar odom
E. sasha vujacic
F. ron artest
Question Number 4
how far away from the free throw line is the net
A. 12 feet
B. 9 cm
C. 15 feet
D. 20 mm
E. 1m
F. 17 feet
Question Number 5
who is the best center in the NBA right now
A. brook lopez
B. andrea bargani
C. dwight howard
D. andrew bynum
E. shaquille o'neal