Air and Aerodynamics Quiz
Question Number 1
Where does air rise and sink?
A. equator
B. ocean
C. arctic
D. north pole
E. equator & poles
F. all of the above
Question Number 2
What does HIGH barometric mean?
A. happy day
B. cloudy day
C. mad day
D. warm day
E. cold day
F. all of the above
Question Number 3
what does green house effect do?
A. grows tomatoes faster
B. makes the earth colder
C. makes clouds
D. makes earth warmer
E. makes the earth happy
F. all of the abouve
Question Number 4
does hail fall directly?
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 5
where does pressure push on us?
A. toes
B. arms
C. head
D. legs
E. tummy
F. all of the above
Question Number 6
what is the correct definition for weight?
A. the force gravity stretches out to make bigger/heavyer
B. the amount of mass in an object
C. a force of attraction that every mass on earth has weight
D. the force that gravity pulls on an object
Question Number 7
what is the definition of air pressure?
A. a force of attraction that every mass in the universe exerts on other masses
B. the force that pushes on the lower half of our body
C. the force that exerts on the surface of an objects by the weight of air particles
D. a force that surrounds the earth and pushes on us
Question Number 8
what is the definition of aerodynamics?
A. a resistance of an object that accts to slow down an object as it moves through air
B. moving air that only touches out head and ears
C. moving air with our hands
D. moving air
Question Number 9
is there more NITROGEN in the air than OXYGEN?
A. no
B. yes
Question Number 10
when air particles are cold they,
A. go get a blanket
B. huddle by a fire
C. float to mexico
D. huddle
Question Number 11
does air come from,
A. fans
B. ocean
C. flapping blankets
D. squeezing flowers
E. fires
F. C02 being breathed in
Question Number 12
stream line produces
A. 0% drag
B. 1% drag
C. 50% drag
D. 15% drag
Question Number 13
a golf balls dimples act like air foils
A. true
B. false
Question Number 14
the write brothers invented the first working plane in
A. 1904
B. 9003
C. 1960
D. 1903
Question Number 15
what are the 4 forces of flight?
A. Lift thrust gravety and drag
B. gravity drag pull and thrust
C. gravity drag thrust and lift
Question Number 16
when you compress air you put it un a plastic container
A. true
B. false
C. maybe
Question Number 17
air is made of tiny molecules
A. true
B. false
Question Number 18
weather is caused by
A. wind
B. helium
C. air
Question Number 19
on a map when you see H it means,
A. happy pressure
B. hot pressure
C. hlgh pressure
D. high pressure
Question Number 20
is weight all the same every where?
A. no
B. yes
C. all of the above
Question Number 21
Boat fire engines put water on tanks for emergencys
A. yes
B. yes
C. no
D. all of the above
Question Number 22
wind builds mountains higher
A. yes
B. maybe
C. close to
D. no
Question Number 23
hot air turns purple when you look through a window
A. yes
B. no
Question Number 24
hot and warm air make
A. hurricane
B. fog
C. cold air
D. none of the above