Religion Test Quiz
Question Number 1
Who created the printing press?
A. Johann Gutenberg
B. Henry VIII
C. George III
D. Sam Adams
E. Benjamin Franklin
F. Spartacus
Question Number 2
The man known as Father of the Jews is
A. Isaac
B. Ishmael
C. Jesus
D. Muhammed
E. Moses
F. Abraham
Question Number 3
Who led the Jews to freedom out of Egypt?
A. Jesus
B. Moses
C. Abraham
D. Isaac
E. Noah
F. Ismael
Question Number 4
Who founded Protestent Christianity?
A. Henry VIII
B. Bloody Mary
C. Martin Luther
D. Salah al-Din
E. Muhammed
F. King Ferdinand of Aragon
Question Number 5
Who was in power during the beginning of the Spanish Inquisition?
A. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
B. Henry VIII
C. Bloody Mary
D. Johann Gutenberg
E. The United Nations
F. Salah al-Dim
Question Number 6
How long were the Crusades, estimated?
A. 200 years
B. 1,000 years
C. 9 years
D. 20 years
E. 1 year
F. 100 years
Question Number 7
Who was in control of Palestine before WWII?
A. Spain
B. France
C. Egypt
D. Saudi Arabia
E. United States of America
F. Great Britain
Question Number 8
Who was in control of Palestine after WWII?
A. United States of America
B. Spain
C. France
D. The United Nations
E. Great Britain
F. Saudi Arabia
Question Number 9
What President made Israel a recognized country?
A. Truman
B. Kennedy
C. Bush Senior
D. Clinton
E. Lincoln
F. Bush Jr.
Question Number 10
What was the biggest event during WWII?
A. Palestine being formed
B. The Holocaust
C. Invention of the printing press
D. The Atomic Bomb on Uroshima
E. United Nations receiving control of Palestine
F. none of the above
Question Number 11
How many people were killed during the Holocaust?
A. 10,000
B. 9,000
C. 50,000
D. 11,000
E. 29,000
F. 60,000
Question Number 12
What Christian holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus?
A. Christmas
B. Yom Kippur
C. Rammadon
D. Easter
E. Shabbat
F. Kuanza
Question Number 13
What of the following are Jews not allowed to eat?
A. Chicken/poultry
B. beer/alcohal
C. pork/pig
D. Fish
E. Gluten
F. Beef
Question Number 14
What of the following are Muslims not allowed to eat?
A. Pork and Alcohal
B. Chicken and Potatoes
C. Beef and Cheese
D. Pasta and soda
E. ice cream and lemonade
F. Shishkabbobs and Skewers
Question Number 15
What is the symbol of the Jewish faith?
A. Christian Cross
B. Irion's Belt
C. Star of David
D. The Moon and a star
E. Peagesus
F. Noah's Arch
Question Number 16
What religion does not believe the Jesus was the Messiah?
A. Judaism
B. Arabic
C. Christianity
D. None of the above
E. All of the Above
F. All religions believe that Jesus was the Messiah
Question Number 17
How was Christianity formed?
A. The Crusifiction of Jesus
B. Moses Leading Jews to freedom
C. Abraham having a son named Ishmael
D. Henry VIII getting a divorce
E. Convertion during the Holocaust
F. Johann Gutenberg's printing press
Question Number 18
How many wives did Henry VIII have?
A. nine
B. ten
C. seven
D. five
E. six
F. never married
Question Number 19
How was the Muslim religion founded?
A. Abraham having his son, Ishmael
B. Muhammed's preachings
C. Abraham having his son, Isaac
D. Salah al-Din winning the Crusades
E. Martin Luther's preachings
F. None of the above
Question Number 20
Why did Martin Luther form Protestant Christianity?
A. The Pope bullied him
B. He didn't agree with the Catholic Church selling indulgences
C. He wanted to be unique
D. Henry VIII wanted a divorce
E. He wanted to convert but couldn't
F. all of the above