Anwaar Ahmad Siddiqui Quiz
Question Number 1
the study of cells
A. cell biology
B. physiology
C. paleontology
D. anatomy
E. cell structure
Question Number 2
what is observation
A. to exit
B. to examine
C. to get knowledge
Question Number 3
who is known as the father of modern chemistry
A. antonie lavoiser
B. charles darwin
C. georger mendel
D. al beruni
Question Number 4
who is aristotle
A. antonie lavoiser
B. al beruni
C. khizar al khayyam
D. bu ali seena
Question Number 5
the study that includes hydro carbons
A. organic chemistry
B. nuclear chemistry
C. bio chemistry
D. in organic chemistry
Question Number 6
the study of compounds except hydrocarbons
A. inorganic chemistry
B. organic chemistry
C. physical chemistry
D. inglocie chemistry
Question Number 7
it deals with laws and principles
A. physical chemistry
B. nuclear chemistry
C. industrial chemistry
D. organic chemistry
Question Number 8
H+ is a
A. acceptor atom
B. donar atom
Question Number 9
law of conservation of mass was presented by
A. jhon dalton
B. antonie lavioser
C. joshep proust
Question Number 10
law of constant composition was presented by
A. joshep proust
B. antonie lavioser