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  Grade 7 Basics Quiz
Question Number 1
What does the abbreviation CPU stand for?
A. Centre of Primary Undertanding
B. I don't know
C. Central Processing Unit
Question Number 2
What does the CPU do?
A. It is the brain of the computer.
B. It is the memory of the computer
C. It is found in the tower of the computer
D. A and C are correct
Question Number 3
RAM stands for ...
A. Radio Audio Modulation
B. Random Access Memory
Question Number 4
Portrait is when your page appears...
A. down
B. Across
C. Sideways
Question Number 5
Examples of Hardware...
A. M
Question Number 6
Examples of Hardware...
A. MS Word
B. MS PowerPoint
C. The Monitor
Question Number 7
Software is the term to describe Computer Programs
A. Yes
B. No
C. both
Question Number 8
Graphics is another term for...
A. Graphs
B. Tables
C. Pictures
D. Fonts
Question Number 9
The USB port is used for...
A. Inserting a CD disc
B. Inserting a Flash Drive
C. Both are correct
Question Number 10
Earphones go into the green port
A. No
B. Yes
C. Any port, it does not matter
Question Number 11
An example of an OUTPUT DEVICE is..
A. The keyboard
B. A printer
C. A scanner
D. The monitor
E. A and D is correct
Question Number 12
Storage devices are used for...
A. packing things in a cupboard
B. checking your computer for viruses
C. storing and saving your data
Question Number 13
Earphones are an input device
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 14
Anti-virus programs are used to save documents
A. Yes, especially MS Excel
B. Yes, all programs
C. No, it checks your computer for viruses
Question Number 15
RAM does the following
A. Memory that can be read from a computer
B. Information stored in RAM is lost when the computer is switched off
C. A and B is correct
D. Acts as an Anti-Virus
E. Stores data permanenly.
Question Number 16
MS Word is primarily used to...
A. Create spreadsheets
B. Write letters or to do projects
C. Create a slide show
Question Number 17
When you switch the computer off, it is better to...
A. Just push the silver button
B. Click on Start and then select Log off
C. Click on Start and the Shut down
D. Unplug the computer
Question Number 18
When you just want to print a single page that you are working on, you...
A. You click on File, Print, current page
B. You simply click on the little Printer icon.
C. You click on File, Print, All
Question Number 19
To alternate between open programs, you...
A. Hold the Ctrl and Alt buttons down
B. Hold the Shift and Space bar down
C. Hold the Alt and Tab buttons down
D. Push the page up button
Question Number 20
All formulae start with the following sign/signs
A. +
B. -
C. *
D. /
E. =
Question Number 21
To move a graphic, you click on the ....
A. Little white nodes and drag
B. printer
C. the border of the graphic and drag
D. right click and copy and paste
Question Number 22
Ergonomics is...
A. Learning how to handle your money
B. If you know a lot about computers
C. about economics
D. Computer safety and how to sit correctly.
Question Number 23
The keypad for the numbers on the right of the keyboard is called...
A. The numeric keypad
B. numbers keys
C. arrow keys
D. Scroll lock

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