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  jessica sanchez Quiz
Question Number 1
what is the correct spelling?
A. intelegent
B. deligence
C. pateint
D. pyupil
E. leafs
F. knifes
Question Number 2
what does desayuno mean?
A. breakfast
B. to eat breakfast
C. banana
D. apple
E. stawberry
F. mango
Question Number 3
what is to eat spanish?
A. compritar
B. comer
C. beber
D. la comida
Question Number 4
what makes up the skeletal system
A. bloods
B. muscles
C. tissues
D. bones
Question Number 5
what is a herbivore?
A. only eats meat
B. only eats plants
C. only eats mushrooms
D. only eats candy
Question Number 6
what is an omnivore?
A. only meats
B. only plants
C. both
D. only grains
Question Number 7
whats the 4 elements
A. ice lava rock air
B. rock medal earth water
C. lighting blood medal air
D. water earth fire air
Question Number 8
how many members are their scooby doo team?
A. 6
B. 1
C. 5
D. 9
E. 17
F. 15
Question Number 9
what is the main charachter?
A. iron man
B. hulk
C. super man
D. thor
E. black widow
F. captain america
Question Number 10
what is the name of the mermaid in the movie?
A. jenny
B. pearl
C. mindy
D. kelly
E. cindy
F. mary
Question Number 11
which spelling correct?
A. manny
B. many
C. manyy
D. any
E. may
F. man
Question Number 12
which spelling correct?.
A. diligince
B. deligence
C. dilegence
D. deligince
E. deligic
F. eligence
Question Number 13
which spelling correct?
A. bnana
B. banan
C. banana
D. anana
E. banani
F. banana
Question Number 14
im___you fell down?
A. sorry
B. glad
C. help
D. grade 2
E. hungry
F. thank you
Question Number 15
A. thank you
B. good morning
C. sorry
D. may I help
E. goodbye
F. goodnight
Question Number 16
what is the longest word in english?
A. banana
B. strawberrys
C. philippines
D. english
E. multiplacation
F. spelling
Question Number 17
what is the capital of australia?
A. darwin
B. canberra
C. laguna
D. luzon
E. mindanao
F. visayas
Question Number 18
the capital city of russia?
A. moscow
B. vancover
Question Number 19
A. 15
B. 14
C. 18
D. 22
E. 58
F. 13
Question Number 20
A. 9
B. 12
C. 74
D. 8
E. 22
F. 13
Question Number 21
A. 100
B. 25
C. 60
D. 10
E. 70
F. 20
Question Number 22
which animal is a carnivor?
A. crab
B. human
C. turtle
D. lion
E. kitten
F. dog
Question Number 23
are you a__?
A. turtle
B. fish
C. bear
D. human
E. computer
F. teacher
Question Number 24
which spelling correct?
A. possible
B. posible
C. pssible
D. pasyble
E. pasibol
F. pasypol
Question Number 25
which is not sensory organ?
A. eye
B. ear
C. nose
D. skin
E. tongue
F. liver
Question Number 26
how long does pregnancy last for?
A. 1 year
B. 9 months
C. 11 months
D. 3 months
E. 6 year
F. 3 year
Question Number 27
expand the ff. numbers.28456?
A. 200+100+300+400+600
B. 2000+800+400+500+6
C. 2000+800+40+50+6
D. 200+300+400+500+600
E. 20000+8000+400+50+6
Question Number 28
what does usb means?
A. universal search bus
B. union serial business
C. universal serial bus
D. ultamite sevice bus
Question Number 29
wha does cafe mean in english?
A. cafe
B. apple
C. brown
D. mango
E. coffe
F. yellow
Question Number 30
what is the synonyms for hostile?
A. close
B. walk
C. waste
D. underfriendly
E. friendly
Question Number 31
where is america?
A. south
B. east
C. north
D. west
Question Number 32
who is nepal?
A. state
B. country
C. desert
D. cold desert
E. hot desert
F. coffe
Question Number 33
who is neigbor of indian?
A. pakistan
B. america
C. tokyo
D. delhi
Question Number 34
what is delhi?
A. capital of india
B. capital of america
C. capital of france
D. capital of japan
E. capital of korean
F. capital of indian
Question Number 35
(10+12+23+56+78+65+90+45+45+45+6+7+8+10)2 *0+10
A. 1907865
B. 10
C. 0
D. 900001
E. none
F. 10023678
Question Number 36
A. 1232
B. 10
C. 234
D. 1256
E. none
F. idontknow
Question Number 37
what is the rational number below:
A. 1/0
B. 2/3
C. 2/0
D. 33/0
E. 12/45-45
F. 345/0
Question Number 38
what is value of sin30?
A. 1/2
B. 2/3
C. 2/5
D. 1
E. 1/3
F. 2/6
Question Number 39
What is 999/6=?
A. 144.9
B. 166.5
C. 155.7
D. 455.99
Question Number 40
4/9 + 1/9
A. 5/9
B. 9/5
C. 4/81
D. 5/81
E. no question
F. None of the Above
Question Number 41
In what year did the Easter Rising Take place?
A. 1917
B. 1918
C. 1915
D. 1916
E. 1914
F. None of the Above
Question Number 42
who was the second?
A. me
B. you
C. violet
D. veruca
E. charlie
F. mike
Question Number 43
What was the factory charlie made of_____?
A. chocolate
B. paste and sticks
C. me
D. toothpaste caps
E. you
F. all
Question Number 44
A rectangular rug has an area of 84 square feet and a length of 14 feet. What is its width?
A. 70 feet
B. 1176 feet
C. 28 feet
D. 6 feet
E. 4 feet
F. 1 feet
Question Number 45
Which planet has a "great red spot" on its surface that is 25,000 miles wide?
A. saturn
B. jupiter
C. neptune
D. venus
E. pluto
F. mercury
Question Number 46
What is the most powerful celestial body in the Universe ?
A. Aurora
B. Quasar
C. Black hole
D. Planets
E. Stars
Question Number 47
Which was the largest man-made object in outer space ?
A. Hubble Space Telescope
B. Mir Space Station
C. International Space Station
D. Chandrasekar Gamma Ray Observatory
Question Number 48
Which is the only other world Man has travelled to ?-
A. Moon
B. Sun
C. Sirius
D. Venus
Question Number 49
IF there were 5 people and then suddenly 2 people left.How many people were there?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
F. 0

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