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  Grade 7 Excel Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
MS Excel is also known as a ...
A. Document
B. Publication
C. Presentation
D. Chart
E. Workbook
Question Number 2
In MS Excel, the names of the pages are called...
A. Pages
B. Sheets
C. Documents
D. Books
Question Number 3
The little blocks in the Worksheet are called
A. blocks
B. lines
C. cells
D. windows
Question Number 4
The name box indicates ....
A. Which row you are in.
B. Which column you are in.
C. Which sheet you are in.
D. Which cell you are in.
Question Number 5
The fx bar is to do the following...
A. Indicates which cell you are in.
B. Stands for formula bar.
C. Indicates which sheet you are in.
Question Number 6
=50*20. In this formula, you are...
A. Adding 50 and 20
B. Subtracting 20 from 50
C. Multiplying 50 and 20
D. Dividing 50 by 20
Question Number 7
=100/2. In this formula, you are...
A. Dividing 100 by 2
B. Adding 100 plus 2
C. Multiplying 100 by 2
D. Subtracting 2 from 100
Question Number 8
The autosum does the following:
A. Multiplies a column of figures
B. Subracts figures.
C. Adds figures in a column or row
Question Number 9
To create a chart, you must click on the ....
A. Drawing button
B. The currency button
C. The format painter
D. The tools button
E. The sort ascending button
F. The chart wizard
Question Number 10
To make a double line under a number, you must click on the ...
A. Underline button
B. The currency button
C. The format painter
D. The tools button
E. The borders button
Question Number 11
Before printing in Excel, you must always do the following first...
A. Click on File, then just print.
B. Click on the print button
C. Click on the print preview button
D. Click on the Format button
Question Number 12
To select a whole column, you have to...
A. Click on a number on the left side
B. Click on a cell
C. Click on one of the letters at the top of the sheet.
Question Number 13
You are not able to put pictures into Excel.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 14
In Excel, you are able to Insert new columns or rows
A. True
B. False
Question Number 15
In Excel, you are able to rename sheets
A. True
B. False
Question Number 16
To create a change from Dollars to Rands, you must click on the...
A. Formula button
B. Format Button
C. Currency button
D. The file button
Question Number 17
You can see if a Workbook is Excel by the following file name extension...
A. .doc
B. .ppt.
C. .pub
D. .xls
E. None of the above
Question Number 18
A formula ALWAYS has to start with an...
A. + sign
B. - sign
C. / sign
D. = sign
Question Number 19
You cannot put more sheets into an Excel workbook.
A. True
B. False
C. Sometimes you can.
D. Sometimes you cant.
Question Number 20
You must always save your spreadsheets in...
A. the desktop
B. the server
C. in my documents
Question Number 21
If your cell shows 100, then the formula bar could show...
A. one hundred
B. =50*2
C. 50x2
D. Nothing
Question Number 22
You CANNOT do one of the following with the FILL HANDLE...
A. January,February,March
B. Mon,Tues,Wed
C. 10,20,30,40,50
D. Select Cells
Question Number 23
The Fill Handle can also be used to ...
A. Copy and Paste
B. Delete cells
C. Make lists.
Question Number 24
In Print Preview, you can put in a header and footer
A. True
B. False
Question Number 25
To select the whole work sheet, you must click on the ....
A. Insert button
B. View button
C. Format button
D. Data button
E. Tools button
F. Corner button
Question Number 26
You are able to rename cells by clicking on the...
A. Formula button
B. Insert button
C. View button
D. Name box button
E. Tools button

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