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  How well do you Know Bond Quiz
Question Number 1
All time high is the title of the theme of which Bond Movie
A. Dr No
B. From Russia with Love
C. Octopussy
D. Moonraker
E. Goldeneye
F. Tomorrow never dies
Question Number 2
Bond has a good relation with Q. but when Bond tell him he's been attacked with a knife. How does Q reply
A. They missed you what a pity
B. I knew you were a cut above the rest of us
C. Shame you didn't get the point
D. What would you do without me
E. Is their nothing we give you, you don't break
F. Is nothing safe
Question Number 3
Felix works with Bond on a number of missions but who does he work for.
A. MI5
F. A10
Question Number 4
Roger Moore was supposed to play Bond in Dr No. Why did he turn it down.
A. He didn;t like the script
B. He busy with other productions
C. He was drunk
D. He had agrued with the director
E. He didn't think the part suited him
F. Sean Conroy beat him in an audition
Question Number 5
In Tomorrow Never Dies Bond breaks up a terriorist market. What is he's code name for the mission.
A. Black Rook
B. Pink Pawn
C. Blue Bishop
D. Red King
E. Yellow Queen
F. White Knight
Question Number 6
In the Spy who loved me what is bond doing when M catches him
A. Attempting re-entry
B. Working on International relations
C. Learning a forgien tongue
D. Keeping the British end up
E. Enjoying a good squeeze
F. checking for concealed weapons
Question Number 7
In Die another Day Q tells him off for shooting a superior officer in a simulation. Who is the superior officier.
A. M
B. The Queen
C. Q
D. The US President
E. The Prime Minister
F. Miss Moneypenny
Question Number 8
What force did Bond serve with before joining MI6
A. Army
B. Navy
C. Air Force
D. Marines
E. Police
F. Special Forces
Question Number 9
What Rank did he achieve.
A. Captain
B. Commander
C. Leuitenant
D. Major
E. Agent
F. Private
Question Number 10
True or False not all the films had books written before they were made.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 11
Who is the longest running Bond
A. Sean Conroy
B. Roger Moore
C. Timothy Dalton
D. George Lassenberry
E. Pierce Bosen
F. Daniel Craig
Question Number 12
Many actresses have been Bond girls but which actress played his wife
A. Barbara Bach
B. Ursulla Andress
C. Diana Rigg
D. Honor Blackman
E. Jane Seymor
F. Maud Adams
Question Number 13
Which gun does Bond prefer to use.
A. Magnum 44
B. Wulther 9mm
C. AK47
D. MP5
F. 38 special
Question Number 14
In From Russia with Love the villian has a concealed weapon what is it and where.
A. A blade hidden in his bowler
B. A gun made out of a pen, a lighter, a cigette case and a cuff link
C. A laser hidden in his watch
D. a pair of strong legs that she uses to crush people
E. A blade hidden in the toe of a shoe
F. A gernade hidden in a pen
Question Number 15
In Goldeneye we get a new female M who plays her.
A. Judi Dench
B. Samantha Bond
C. Julie Walters
D. Maggie Smith
E. Amanda Redman
F. Helen Mirren
Question Number 16
Which of these vechiles has Bond never wrecked
A. Lotus Esprit S1
B. Russian Tank
C. Austin Martin DB5
D. A Super Tanker
E. BMW 750
Question Number 17
Who wrote the Bond Novels
A. Stephen King
B. Patrica Cronwell
C. Jack Higgins
D. Anthony Horowitz
E. Ian Fleming
F. Mark Phillips
Question Number 18
Why does Q called the Austin Martin Vanquish the Vanish.
A. Because it can appear invisible
B. Because he lost it for years
C. Because it was used in a magic show
D. Because he wanted Bond to Vanish
E. Because he used Vanish to wash the seats
F. Because it could teleport
Question Number 19
Bond has a License to what
A. Kill
B. Break moving vechiles
C. annoy Q
D. Make Love with every woman he meets
E. Save the World
F. Create funny taglines
Question Number 20
How was Shirley Eton's character killed in Goldfinger
A. she was stabbed
B. she was shot
C. she was painted gold
D. she drowned
E. she was hanged
F. she fed to a shark
Question Number 21
How does Miss Goodnight get killed
A. She was shot
B. She was burned by a laser
C. Pushed into a ice vat
D. Killed in a plane crash
E. Drowned
F. She doesn't die
Question Number 22
What is the second way to disable a crocodile according to Live and let die
A. tickle his belly
B. make sure he's well fed
C. put your hand inside and pull his teeth out
D. show it a bill for the price of pork
E. Prey to god to make it a veggie
F. Smile
Question Number 23
What is Bond's number
A. 006
B. 008
C. 0845
D. 007
E. 009
F. 707
Question Number 24
Desmond Llewelyn died but according to the films what happened to his Q
A. Killed
B. Die peacefully
C. Retire
D. got Promoted
E. got Transferred
F. doesn't say
Question Number 25
When Bond tides himself up was is the first thing he always does
A. Brush he sleeves
B. tidy his hair
C. check his flies
D. Straighten his tie
E. add a flower to his buttonhole
F. holster his gun
Question Number 26
what is Bond's favortie drink
A. Malt Whiskey
B. Dry stirred Martini
C. Dry shaken Martini
D. Gin and tonic
E. Pint of bitter
F. can of lager
Question Number 27
What does Goldfinger expect Bond to do.
A. Escape
B. Talk
C. Join him
D. Contact MI6
E. Die
F. Surrender
Question Number 28
What city is MI6 in.
A. London
B. Washington DC
C. New York
D. Gineva
E. Prague
F. Moscow
Question Number 29
What does the second M hate about Bond but cannot fault
A. His looks
B. his Methods
C. his drinking
D. his womanising
E. his paperwork
F. everything she hates his guts
Question Number 30
When Miss Moneypenny wears the simulation glasses in Die another day what does she see.
A. Herself running MI6
B. Herself as an agent
C. Her and Bond on a date
D. Her and Bond kissing
E. Her and Bond on a mission together
F. she never wears the glasses

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