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  english midterm 2 Quiz
Question Number 1
The town where Kino and Juana lives
A. Lapaz
B. Lapoz
Question Number 2
In the Pearl, the point of view is told in 3rd person. Another name for this is?
A. potent
B. omniscient
Question Number 3
The doctor refuses to help Coyoyito because he is not a what
A. vet
B. doctor
C. nurse
Question Number 4
Who have been under the domination of the spanish?
A. mexicans
B. indians
C. new englanders
Question Number 5
What does the scorpion episode represent?
A. song of good
B. song of evil
Question Number 6
Explain the theme of social class
A. they are all the same
B. there are differnt types
C. There are different types of social classes. In the book, there’s the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy kept the poor down and they stuck together. The poor stuck together also.
Question Number 7
What is the meaning of the song of the family and where does it come from?
A. It’s a meaning of tradition and good and it has been passed down from generation to generation.
B. it's a meaning of hate and deceit
Question Number 8
What does the priest hope for when Kino finds the pearl?
A. money to buy food for the church
B. Money to repair for the church
Question Number 9
Describe Kino’s life before he pearl
A. kino is ruthless and mean and only care about himself
B. Kino’s life is simple, hardworking, poor and dutiful.
Question Number 10
In Antigone, why is Oedipus important to the story?
A. He is Antigone’s father and the sins of his father have been passed down to his children.
B. he is the father of the children and is an antagonist
Question Number 11
Who is the protagonist in the play?
A. Antigone
B. Creon
Question Number 12
Write a character description of Ismene and Antigone
A. Ismene is weak, afraid and feels she can’t stand up to the king because she’s a woman. Antigone is brave, tough, and stands up to the king in order to fight for what she believes in.
B. They are both weak characters who don't deserve to be in the play
Question Number 13
What is the purpose of the chorus in the Greek drama?
A. they are servants of the king
B. They foreshadow future events, they are narrators, give background information and gave their opinion.
Question Number 14
What is the function of the character Tyresius?
A. He is the old blind prophet who served as a fortune teller and advisor to the king.
B. he is apart of the chorus
Question Number 15
What defense does Antigone make of her actions and what are Creon’s arguments?
A. they are both equals
B. Antigone says that according to the Gods, everyone is entitled to a burial. Creon says that he is the king and if anyone goes against him, they won’t get a burial.
Question Number 16
What does the play gain by the character of Haimon?
A. Haimon makes the play more dramatic and more of a tragedy because he is the fiancé of Antigone and he kills himself after Antigone kills herself.
B. he keeps Antigone alive by saving her from killing herself
Question Number 17
Why does Eurydice commit suicide?
A. she is sad that antigone went against the king
B. She commits suicide because her only son, Haimon, killed himself.
Question Number 18
Where were Greek dramas staged?
A. In an outdoor theatre with the seating capacity of about 17,000.
B. in a movie theatre with a big screen tv
Question Number 19
Write a character sketch of Creon. He’s the king and he has a big ego.
A. He feels that his law is more important than the law of the Gods.
B. he strongly believes in the law of the Gods as well as Antigone
Question Number 20
Why do these boys find themselves on a tropical island?
A. they were on a trip to mexico
B. Because of an atomic bomb
Question Number 21
Blown by Piggy, what is the conch?
A. A symbol of authority, order and civilization.
B. a symbol of loyalty and respect
Question Number 22
Ralph is characterized as being what?
A. dumb and a dehumanizing follower
B. Handsome athletic and a natural leader.
Question Number 23
Jack is characterized as being what?
A. Cruel, a bully and Ralph’s chief competitor
B. Handsome athletic and a natural leader.
Question Number 24
Piggy’s glasses have been used to light a fire and what?
A. Is a symbol of intelligence
B. a symbol of authority
Question Number 25
Lord of the Flies is told in the point of view of whom?
A. jack
B. ralph
C. piggy
D. The omniscient author.
Question Number 26
Simon is characterized as being what?
A. smart and talented
B. Intelligent and intellectual
Question Number 27
Who says “I’ve got the conch, I’ve got the right to speak”?
A. Jack
B. Ralph
C. Piggy
Question Number 28
There is irony in the words”We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all we’re not savages.” Who says this?
A. Piggy
B. Jack
C. Ralph
Question Number 29
What became of the beast from the sea?
A. It was never determined?
B. It was the Lord of the Flies

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