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  the fanally Quiz
Question Number 1
what is migration
A. a person who migrates
B. moving from one place to another
C. movement of people from urban areas to rural areas
Question Number 2
what does migrant mean
A. movement of people from urban to rural areas
B. moving from one place to another
C. a person who migrates
Question Number 3
explain rural depopulation
A. decline in number of people living in rural areas
B. opposite or against
C. more people in rural areas
Question Number 4
give examples ofeconomical
A. flat land,sufficient water,mild temperatures
B. transport links,water
C. colonisation and apartied
Question Number 5
physical factores that influence a settlement
A. building material closeby
B. preferation of living around people
C. flat land,sufficient water,mild temperatures
Question Number 6
what is social
B. colonisation and aparteid
C. building material close by
D. preferation of living around people
Question Number 7
A. opposite or againste
B. support
C. a person who counts
Question Number 8
A. across the world
B. goods that can be baught or sold
Question Number 9
commodities are..................................
A. come from a country to another
B. across the world
C. come into country from another
D. goods that are sold or baught
Question Number 10
interconctive means
A. marshes
B. a system to take something out of pllace
C. when most linkages connect with each other rather than with places outside that network
Question Number 11
an extractive is a
A. connection
B. argument
C. system to take something out of a place
Question Number 12
wetlands are also known as
A. rivers
B. marshes
C. ociens
Question Number 13
forests cover patches less then
A. 2km
B. 3km
C. 1km
D. 100m
E. non of the above
F. between 4kg
Question Number 14
black rihnos are found in.......
A. durban
B. mpumalanga
C. platternburg bay
D. moist parts of rsa
E. western side of africa
F. ongoye forest
Question Number 15
red squerrels are fewer than......
A. 10
B. 50
C. 250
D. 2500
E. 1100
F. 30000
Question Number 16
white tailed rats can be saved by
A. feading them
B. cleaning
C. leaving the place the way it is
Question Number 17
african wild dogs are found in how many parks
A. 5
B. 6
C. 0
D. 13
E. 7
F. 9
Question Number 18
name 7 statuses of a women
A. law,education,politics,biological role,property,society,economical role
B. 1235467
C. 7654321
D. sleep,clean help,property,go,up,down,left

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