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  4th Periodic Exam Quiz
Question Number 1
It is the latest Microsoft Windows line of operating system for the personal computer which includes desktop,laptop and other computer.
A. Windows XP
B. Windows 7
C. Windows 98
D. Microsoft Office
Question Number 2
It is designed to be pre-installed on computers as original equipment manufacturer product.
A. Home Premium
B. Professional
C. Starter
D. Ultimate
Question Number 3
This is the cable used for cable television service installed in many homes.
A. Coaxial cable
B. Fiber optics
C. Twisted pair wire
D. Microwave
Question Number 4
It comprises of insulated copper wires twisted into pairs.
A. Fiber optics
B. Twisted pair wire
C. Coaxial cable
D. Microwave
Question Number 5
To connect to the internet, this could either be a DSL phone connection or cable.
A. Model
B. Local Area Network
C. Modem
D. Hub
Question Number 6
This is the cable that uses hair like filaments.
A. Coaxial cable
B. Fiber optics
C. Twisted pair wire
D. Star network
Question Number 7
It is connected to a network through a loop or ring.
A. Star Network
B. Bus Network
C. Ring Network
D. Mesh Network
Question Number 8
What is FSB?
A. Front Serial Base
B. Frequency Serial Bus
C. Front Side Bus
Question Number 9
It usually used for storing original file format, it is flexible form but needs bigger memory to store.
A. Lossy file format
B. Lossless file format
C. Uncompressed or Raw format
Question Number 10
It is a file format that was compressed to replicate the original quality but reduced file size.
A. Uncompressed or Raw Format
B. Lossless file format
C. Lossy file format
Question Number 11
It is a file format the was compressed as an approximation of the original file but is good enough.
A. Lossy file format
B. Uncompressed or Raw Format
C. Lossless file format
Question Number 12
It is a file format the was compressed as an approximation of the original file but is good enough.
A. Lossy file format
B. Uncompressed or Raw Format
C. Lossless file format
Question Number 13
It is receiving data into your computer from a remote location using the internet connection.
A. Bandwidth
B. Tracker
C. File name extension
D. Downloading
Question Number 14
It is the smallest information of an image.
A. Open Format
B. Pixel
C. Video Streaming
D. Video File
Question Number 15
It allows you to see all the pictures in small sizes.
A. Close Button
B. Thumbnail View
C. Filmstrip View
D. Restore Button
Question Number 16
It allows you to see the selected picture in bigger size and the other picture in the file in smaller sizes.
A. Thumbnail View
B. Filmstrip View
C. Single Picture View
Question Number 17
It allows you to compress the file size for faster loading.
A. Edit Picture
B. Resize
C. Color
D. Compress Picture
Question Number 18
It allows you to enhance the color and adjust the hue and saturation
A. Color
B. Export
C. Locate Picture
D. Crop
Question Number 19
It allows to increase or decrease the sizeof the picture.
A. Rename
B. Search Result
C. Properties
D. Resize
Question Number 20
It increase or decrease the size of the view of your picture on the screen.
A. Undo
B. Zoom
C. Redo
D. Paste
Question Number 21
It is called " point and shoot " camera.
A. Digital Single lens Reflex
B. Compact Digital Camera
C. Camcorder
Question Number 22
It preferred by professional photographers because of its high quality photographs.
A. Compact Digital Camera
B. Digital Single Lens Reflex
C. Web Camera
Question Number 23
It allows you to create audio and video to your computer.
A. Microsoft Office
B. Windows 7
C. Windows Movie Maker
D. Photoshop
Question Number 24
It shows the clip or picture that you are working on.
A. Storyboard/Timeline
B. Content Pane
C. Menu Bar
D. Preview Monitor
Question Number 25
t display two views where you can create and edit your movie.
A. Collection Pane
B. Task Pane
C. Storyboard/Timeline
Question Number 26
USB means Universal Serial Bus
A. True
B. False
Question Number 27
WI-FI means Wireless Fidelity
A. False
B. True
Question Number 28
OS means Operation System
A. False
B. True
Question Number 29
MODEM means Modulator Demodulator
A. True
B. False
Question Number 30
LED means Light Weight Diode
A. True
B. False

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