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  business Quiz
Question Number 1
It is a software used to find and view web pages.
A. Software
B. Internet Browser
C. Communication
D. Database Program
Question Number 2
It is a program where rows and columns of data.
A. MS Word
B. MS Powerpoint
C. MS Excel
D. MS Access
Question Number 3
It is made when receipt or money that flows into business is greater than the disbursements or money that flows out.
A. Profit
B. Credit
C. Services
D. Selling of Goods
Question Number 4
The goods will be paid in cash or current dated check as soon as the product or service is delivered.
A. Charge
B. Cash on Delivery
C. Consignment Basis
Question Number 5
The goods will be paid for a number of days.
A. Consignment Basis
B. Charge
Question Number 6
The goods delivered to a retailer or wholesaler will be paid only when the goods are sold.
B. Charge
C. Consignment Basis
Question Number 7
Checking and maintaining records on the stock of goods or material.
A. Goods
B. Cost of goods
C. Operating Expenses
D. Stock Control
Question Number 8
It is the process of computing the cost of each individual product.
A. Rental
B. Costing
C. Salary
D. Interest
Question Number 9
It is selling by buying big quantities from you and sell them to retailers or customers.
A. Sales Representative
B. Retail
C. Wholesale
D. Delivery
Question Number 10
It can do the selling by buying smaller quantities from you.
A. Sales Representative
B. Wholesale
C. Retail
D. Cost of Selling
Question Number 11
It is the product is packed and ready to be sent to the customer.
A. Storing
B. Packing
C. Processing
D. Storing
Question Number 12
It is a checking that the product has been made correctly and in good quality.
A. Inspection
B. Assembling
C. Packing
D. Storing
Question Number 13
It is a checking that the product has been made correctly and in good quality.
A. Inspection
B. Assembling
C. Packing
D. Storing
Question Number 14
This includes painting, polishing, washing, dying, glueing and others.
A. Packing
B. Storing
C. Assembling
D. Finishing
Question Number 15
Parts are put together to make a product.
A. Purchasing Materials
B. Storing
C. Processing
D. Assembling
Question Number 16
It is a raw material are processed for example by cutting, sawing, printing, machining and others.
A. Labor
B. Processing
C. Inspection
D. Material
Question Number 17
It is the process of assembling and transforming raw materials into a new product.
A. Processing
B. Labor
C. Manufacturing
D. Machinery and Tools
Question Number 18
It allows prospective customer to see what costs would be involved for the work they would like to have done.
A. Sales Representative
B. Sales Quatation
C. Sales Quotation
Question Number 19
It contains the name,position,company and address of the person to whom the letter is written
A. Signature
B. Date
C. Inside Address
D. Block Form
Question Number 20
It is the part of letters that contains the complimentary ending.
A. Closing
B. Letter Head
C. Semi-Block Form
D. Body of the Letter
Question Number 21
It is a leaflet or pamphlet that advertises products or service that is usually printed with eye catching designs.
A. Memo
B. Mail Merge
C. Fax
D. Brochure
Question Number 22
It is the document which presents a specific content submitted to an individual or in public.
A. Memo
B. Mail Merge
C. Fax
D. Report
Question Number 23
It is a credit to increase the amount, debit to decrease the amount
A. Liabilities
B. Assets
Question Number 24
It is a debit to increase the amount, credit to decrease the amount.
A. Assets
B. Liabilities
Question Number 25
The ledger contains two parts.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 26
The subsidiary book records cash only.
A. True
B. False
Question Number 27
It is the normal balance of an assets.
A. Account
B. Debit
C. Ledger
D. Bookkeeping
Question Number 28
It is the normal balance of liabilities and owner's equity.
A. Asset
B. Sales Subsidiary book
C. Credit
Question Number 29
It is a document that contains summary of job experience. educational attainment and other information
A. Resume
B. Vitae
C. Bio-Data
D. All of the Above
Question Number 30
It is a set of instruction in a machine that tells the computer what to do how to do it.
A. Hardware
B. Software

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