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  Us history Quiz
Question Number 1
Progressive era reformers were interested in...
A. Government
B. Struggling women's rights
C. Changing several aspects of American culture
D. The Western Hemisphere
Question Number 2
Progressives supported reforms that would improve the lives of...
A. Women
B. Workers
C. Men
D. Clerks & Nurses
Question Number 3
Progressives felt that the (blank) needed to play a more active role in solving society's problems.
A. Senate
B. Congressmen
C. Voters
D. Government
Question Number 4
Giving (blank) over government was the main goal of progressives government reforms
A. Voters more control
B. Women's rights supporters control
C. Congressmen the right to control
D. American businesses
Question Number 5
Three issues that led to the rise of progressivism were
A. Struggle for women's rights, health, safety
B. Struggle for women's rights, child labor, health and safety
C. Child labor, health and safety
D. Struggle for women's rights, child labor and health
Question Number 6
Rather than breaking up all trust, Roosevelt
A. Broke up the bad one
B. Kept the good one
C. Broke up the bad one and kept the good one
D. None of the above
Question Number 7
Presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson worked to protect the environment by
A. Setting aside land for businesses
B. Setting aside land for farmers
C. Setting aside land for national parks
D. Setting aside land for housing
Question Number 8
President tafts approach to foreign affairs was focused on
A. Promoting American finances
B. Promoting American financial and business interests
C. Promoting business interests
D. Solving women's rights issues
Question Number 9
Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson believed that the federal government should
A. Use it's power to regulate unfair businesses
B. Use it's power to solve struggling women's rights
C. Use it's power to control soldiers
D. Use it's power to regulate religion
Question Number 10
President Wilson established the federal reserve system to
A. Regulate taxes
B. Regulate the sale of liquor
C. Regulate political control
D. Regulate money supply
Question Number 11
An economic reason why American planters in Hawaii called for the us to annex the islands was so
A. They wouldn't have to pay taxes on corn
B. They wouldn't have to pay taxes on sugar
C. They wouldn't have to pay taxes on cotton
D. They wouldn't have to pay taxes on coffee
Question Number 12
There was a religious belief where Americans argued that the us had a responsibility to spread (blank) to the worlds inferior people..
A. Christianity
B. Judaism
C. Mormonism
D. Patriotism
Question Number 13
Two events that caused the Spanish American war were
A. Black journalism & the sinking of the uss Maine
B. White journalism & the sinking of the uss Maine
C. Blue journalism & the sinking of the uss Maine
D. Yellow journalism & the sinking of the uss Maine
Question Number 14
The main purpose of the open door policy was to
A. Allow US to gain military control
B. Allow US to control American businesses
C. Allow US to gain political control
D. None of the above
Question Number 15
In the early 1900s, president Roosevelt used his political powers for the Panama Canal when he asserted the right of the US to exercise police powering the
A. Northern hemisphere
B. Southern Hemisphere
C. Eastern hemisphere
D. Western Hemisphere
Question Number 16
Two events that brought the US into WW1 were
A. Sink or lust
B. Fight or flight
C. Rise and soar
D. Control and money
Question Number 17
Two jobs that women performed in the armed services during World War One were
A. Maid & Nurse
B. Nurse & Nanny
C. Clerk & maid
D. Clerk & nurse
Question Number 18
African Americans and women have both (blank) during ww1
A. Worked as farmers
B. Served with white male soldiers
C. Served separately from white male soldiers
D. Worked as journalists and clerks

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