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  Computer Competence Quiz
Question Number 1
Which of these are output devices?
A. Scanner
B. Lightpen
C. Printer
D. Mouse
Question Number 2
A typical Hard disk drive is measured in?
A. Kilobytes
B. Megabytes
C. Gigabytes
D. Terabytes
Question Number 3
Pick the odd one out.
A. Mozilla Firefox
B. Internet Explorer
C. Microsoft Office Word
D. Opera Mini
Question Number 4
USB stands for ..
A. University of Science, Bauchi
B. Universal Serial Bus
C. Universal Serial Box
D. Universe System Body
Question Number 5
Modem stands for ..
A. Modulator Demodulator
B. Module Demodulating
C. Modern Demonish
D. Mendoza Demondoza
Question Number 6
An Antivirus software can
A. protect the body from viruses
B. cure the computer of malaria
C. inject the system
D. scan the computer for viruses
Question Number 7
A device that does not require the computer to be restarted before it can be used is said to be?
A. Plug and Play
B. Do Not Restart and Use
C. Plug and Use
D. Do Not Restart and Play
Question Number 8
Microsoft Office Word is an example of?
A. Application Hardware
B. Application Software
C. Desktop ware
D. Application ware
Question Number 9
Windows XP, 7 and 8 are examples of ?
A. Software Owners
B. Hardware Components
C. Operating System
D. Application Software
Question Number 10
The CPU is the ____________ of the computer system.
A. Skeleton
B. Brain
C. Heart
D. Nose
Question Number 11
RAM stands for?
A. Ram
B. Run And Move
C. Random Access Memory
D. Runner Access Memory
Question Number 12
Can a computer system be used without the Mouse?
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 13
MS Powerpoint can be used to produce
A. Letters
B. Slideshows
C. Movies
D. Webpages
Question Number 14
Phones can also be called a computer?
A. No
B. Yes
Question Number 15
VDU is the acronym for?
A. Visual Display Unit
B. Vice Does Unit
C. Versatile Danger Unit
D. Visual Danger Unit
Question Number 16
The following are tools used for maintenance of a PC except
A. Screw Driver
B. Pliers
C. Electrical Blower
D. Chain saw
Question Number 17
What is the colour code for this fire extinguisher (Water)
A. Colourless
B. White
C. Red
D. Blue
Question Number 18
Customer are said to be
A. Internal only
B. External only
C. None of the above
D. External and Internal
Question Number 19
Without ______, the computer system will not function.
A. Random Access Memory
B. Mouse
C. CMOS Battery
D. Sound Card
Question Number 20
Limited account users can ____________.
A. delete another account.
B. change his password.
C. install a hardware.
D. log on to the Administrator.

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