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  The Hardest Jennifer Aniston trivia quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Part I: The Early Years---Where was Jennifer born?
A. California
B. New York
C. Ohio
D. Chicago
Question Number 2
When was she born?
A. Feb. 11
B. Feb.8
C. Feb.10
D. Feb.14
Question Number 3
Name her elementary school:
A. East Los Angeles Elementary
B. Lone Oak Elementary
C. Hillbrook Academy
D. Rudolph Steiner School
Question Number 4
How old was she when she moved to New York?
A. 7
B. 6
C. 12
D. 9
Question Number 5
What is Jennifer Aniston's middle name?
A. Lee
B. Nicole
C. Alexandria
D. Joanna
Question Number 6
Jennifer spent a year od her childhood living in what country?
A. Japan
B. Austraila
C. Greece
D. Italy
Question Number 7
Jennifer decided to become an actress after seeing what play on Broadway?
A. Annie
B. Beauty & the Beast
C. The Color Purple
D. Childen of a Lesser God
Question Number 8
How old was she when she saw this play?
A. 11
B. 12
C. 14
D. 18
Question Number 9
Her dad is what kind of actor?
A. Theater actor
B. Soap Opera actor
C. Movie Star
D. He isn't an actor--he's a doctor
Question Number 10
Her dad acts on what show?
B. West Wing
C. Days of our Lives
D. All My Children
Question Number 11
What is her mom's name?
A. Nancy
B. Margaret
C. Rachel
D. Louise
Question Number 12
What is her mother's maiden name?
A. Russel
B. Harrison
C. Dow
D. Aniston
Question Number 13
Jennifer's Greek grandfather is the one that changed the family name to a more American 'Aniston'. What was the name originally?
A. Anastasakis
B. Annistonopolus
C. Anisteney
D. Anistone
Question Number 14
Jennifer went to what high school?
A. New York High
B. Albany High
C. Fiorello H. Laguardia High School for Music, Art, and the Performing Arts
D. Beverly Hills High
Question Number 15
Jennifer started what at her school?
A. A Greek organization
B. A French Club
C. A Drama Club
D. A Choir
Question Number 16
What is the significance of that high school?
A. It's now named after Jennifer
B. It was the setting for the movie Fame
C. It was the setting for the movie Lean on Me
D. Nothing
Question Number 17
Where did Jennifer waitress as a young adult?
A. Jackson Hole
B. Denny's
C. Logan's Roadhouse
D. She didn't waitress
Question Number 18
Part II: The Career--What was Jennifer's first on-screen job?
A. A Bob's Bigboy commercial
B. A horror film
C. An amusement park commercial
D. Friends
Question Number 19
Name Jennifer's first movie?
A. Office Space
B. Leprechaun
C. The Object of my Affection
D. Camp Cucamonga
Question Number 20
Jennifer almost had to turn down her role on Friends because she was currently involved with what other sitcom?
A. Mad About You
B. Will & Grace
C. Family Ties
D. Muddling Through
Question Number 21
Jennifer auditioned for what role on Friends?
A. Monica
B. Rachel
C. Phoebe
D. An extra
Question Number 22
She got what role?
A. Monica
B. Phoebe
C. Rachel
Question Number 23
One of the Friends' first promotional tools was...
A. A Coca Cola Commercial
B. A fast food commercial
C. A lingerie ad
Question Number 24
The movie that CRITICS say launched her film career was...
A. Picture Perfect
B. The Object of my Affection
C. Office Space
D. The Good Girl
Question Number 25
Friends ended in...
A. 2000
B. 20001
C. 2004
D. It's still running
Question Number 26
Jennifer's first box office smash was...
A. Bruce Almighty
B. Picture Perfect
C. Derailed
D. Rumor Has It
Question Number 27
Which of Jennifer's movies has become a cult classic?
A. Bruce Almighty
B. The Break-Up
C. Office Space
D. Derailed
Question Number 28
Finish this movie quote: "As a girl...
A. you think life is worth living
B. you see the world like a giant candy store
C. you see the world as a prison
D. you dream
Question Number 29
Name Jen's character in Rumor Has It...
A. Sarah
B. Nicole
C. Jennifer
D. Courtney
Question Number 30
Jennifer's first magazine cover was...
A. Enquire
B. Vanity Fair
C. Vogue
D. Rolling Stone
Question Number 31
As of June 2006, Jennifer has been in how many movies?
A. 100
B. 55
C. 23
D. 17
Question Number 32
Part III: Personal---Jennifer married what actor in 2000?
A. David Arquette
B. David Schwimmer
C. Brad Pitt
D. George Clooney
Question Number 33
True or False: They had children
A. True
B. False
Question Number 34
When did they divorce?
A. 2004
B. 2005
C. 2006
D. They're still married
Question Number 35
Jennifer is now, as of June 2006, dating what actor?
A. Owen Wilson
B. Vince Vaughn
C. David Schwimmer
D. Matthew Perry
Question Number 36
What is the name of Jennifer's goddaughter?
A. She doesn't have one
B. April Grace
C. Coletta Riley
D. Coco Riley
Question Number 37
Who is the parent of her goddaughter?
A. Reese Witherspoon
B. Lisa Kudrow
C. Courteney Cox Arquette
D. Matt LeBlanc
Question Number 38
Who is Jennifer Aniston's best friend?
A. Andrea Bendewald
B. Reese Witherspoon
C. Alex McGill
D. Stacey Loomer
Question Number 39
How long have they known each other?
A. since high school
B. since middle school
C. since they starred in a movie together
D. since elementary school
Question Number 40
Part IV: Random--What's Jen's fave movie?
A. Fame
B. Scream
C. Lord of the Rings
D. She doesn't watch movies, actually
Question Number 41
Her fave band growing up was...
A. Chicago
B. Duran Duran
C. The Rolling Stones
D. Air Supply
Question Number 42
Her fave book is...
A. The Hours
B. Jane Eyre
C. All The King's Men
D. Angela's Ashes
Question Number 43
One of her fave TV shows is...
B. Will & Grace
C. Frasier
D. Sesame Street
Question Number 44
True or False: She watches Friends
A. True
B. False
Question Number 45
Her favorite movie of her own is...
A. The Object of my Affection
B. The Good Girl
C. Friends With Money
D. All of the above
Question Number 46
Jennifer lives in what city?
A. Beverly Hills
B. Los Angeles
C. Malibu
D. New York
Question Number 47
Quick: Her fave candy?
A. Butterfingers
B. Milk Duds
C. Junior Mints
D. M&Ms
Question Number 48
Fave flower?
A. Orchid
B. Rose
C. Daisy
D. Lily
Question Number 49
Fave fast-food restaurant?
A. In-N-Out Burger
B. Burger King
C. McDonald's
D. Arby's
Question Number 50
Fave animal?
A. Bear
B. Dog
C. Whale
D. Coyote
Question Number 51
What's her dog's name?
A. Norman
B. Patches
C. Play Dough
D. Canadian Queen
Question Number 52
What is Jennifer Anistons Favourite Color?
A. Red
B. Purple
C. Blue
D. Green

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