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  the star trek movie quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the enemy V'ger attacks earth in search of "the creator". What is V'ger?
A. The lost probe Voyager 6
B. An alien who just hates Earth
C. (V)olitile (G)erman (E)xtermination (R)obot
D. none of the above
Question Number 2
In Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, who is it that Khan recognizes on the planet Citi-Alpha 5 and drives him to chace after Kirk and the Enterprise?
A. Scotty
B. Sulu
C. Spock
D. Checkov
Question Number 3
In Star Trek: The Search for Spock, what is the famous line Kirk says when he is forced to destroy the Enterprise
A. "You Klingon bastard, you killed my son!"
B. "Perhaps today is a good day to die"
C. "My God Bones, what have I done?"
D. "Chep peice of tin, must have been built by Ford"
Question Number 4
In Star Trek: The Voyage Home, what is it the crew must get on 1980's San Francisco in order to save 24th century Earth?
A. Humpback Whales
B. Jazz Music
C. Money
D. Atomic Bomb
Question Number 5
In Star Trek: The Final Frontier, what is Kirk sure about life and death?
A. He will die fighting
B. He will die old
C. He will die alone
D. He isn't sure
Question Number 6
In Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, who is the link between the movie and the crew of the Next Generation?
A. Nothing
B. Worf's grandfather is the lawyer for McCoy and Kirk at their trial
C. Picard is shown in diapers
D. Everyone's hate of Klingons
Question Number 7
In Star Trek: Generations, what is the name of the energy wave that Picard enters, only to Escape with a presumed dead James Kirk?
A. The Typhoon
B. The Coaster
C. The Nexus
D. The Dead Zone
Question Number 8
In Star Trek: First Contact, what alien race makes contact to Zepherm Chocran in Wyoming?
A. Vulcans
B. Romulans
C. Klingons
D. Andorians
Question Number 9
In Star Trek: Insurrection, from what play does Picard sing from to distract Data in an attempt to disable him?
A. H.M.S. Pinafore
B. Lion King
C. Phantom of the Opera
D. Cats
Question Number 10
In Star Trek: Nemesis, what species created the Picard clone to try and put a spy into the Federation?
A. Vulcans
B. Borg
C. Romulans
D. Klingons
Question Number 11
BONUS: Which of the following people did not command any of the Enterprise ships in the 10 movies?
A. James Kirk
B. Jean-Luc Picard
C. Willard Decker
D. Hikaru Sulu

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