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  Matthew Biology Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Euglena Moves By_?
A. Whipping Action Of Its Flagellum
B. Beating Of Its Cilia
C. Rotating Action Of Flagella
D. Pushing Out A Jet Of Water From An Organille
E. Their Body Always Immersed In Nutrient Material
Question Number 2
Even Though Some Flowering Plants Contain Accesory Pigments Which Give Them Colours They Still Contain The Pigment?
A. Melanin
B. Chlorophyll
C. Xanthophyll
D. Carotene
E. Chlorocrurin
Question Number 3
Which Of The Following Does Not Occur During Photosynthesis?
A. Energy from Sunlight Is Absorbed
B. Carbondioxide Is Evolved
C. Glucose Is Synthesized
D. Energy Is Given Off
E. Water Is Split
Question Number 4
Which Of The Following Is Not Regarded As A Micronutrients Or Trace Element Essential For Plant Growth?
A. Phosphorus
B. Zinc
C. Boron
D. Silicon
E. Molybdenum
Question Number 5
The Relationship Between A Herbivore And Bacteria Which Live In Its Caecum Is Known As_?
A. Parasitism
B. Symbiosis
C. Commensalism
D. Saprophytism
E. Predation
Question Number 6
Which Of The Following Diseases Is Caused By Deficiency Of Insulin In The Body?
A. Malaria
B. Diabetes Mellitus
C. Hepatitis
D. Gonorrhoe
E. Cholera
Question Number 7
In Testing For A Reducing Sugar,the Food Substance Is Usually Warmed With_?
A. Sulphuric Acid
B. Million's Reagent
C. Sudan lll
D. Benedict's Solution
E. Sodium Hydroxide
Question Number 8
Maize Is Best Stored Against Insect Attack ?
A. On Raised Platform
B. In Fumigated Silos
C. By Keeping The Food In A Store
D. While Still On A Cob
E. In Humid Metal Tank
Question Number 9
Which Of The Following Is Not An Effect Of Overcrowding On A Population?
A. Death
B. Competition
C. Commensalism
D. Aggression
E. Cannibalism
Question Number 10
Natality Is A Factor Affecting Population Density Because It Involves?
A. Increase In Population Due To Immigration
B. Increase In Population Due To Emigration
C. The Number Of Mature Females In The Population
D. The Number Of Females In The Population
E. The Number Of All Young Ones Produced In The Population
Question Number 11

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