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  Year 11 Biology Quiz
Question Number 1
What was Robert Hooke famous for inventing?
A. The battery
B. The electron microscope
C. The polio vaccine
D. The compound microscope
Question Number 2
What organelles are visible with a light microscope?
A. Mitochondria, Nucleus and Ribosmes
B. Cell wall, Nucleus and Chloroplasts
C. Mitochondria, Ribosomes and Golgi Body
D. Cell wall, Ribosomes and Golgi Body
Question Number 3
Which statement is true of chloroplasts?
A. are the site of photosynthesis
B. manufacture proteins
C. protects and supports organelles
D. stores water
Question Number 4
Which statement is true of carbohydrates?
A. contain Carbon, Hydrogen & Nitrogen
B. contain Carbon, Oxygen & Nitrogen
C. contain Carbon, Hydrogen & Oxygen
D. contain Carbon, Hydrogen & Sugar
Question Number 5
Examples of inorganic substances are
A. Proteins, water and salts
B. Lipids, protein and salts
C. Gases, water and protein
D. Gases, water and salts
Question Number 6
The current model of membrane structure is
A. The Fluid Membrane model
B. The Fluid Mosaic Membrane model
C. The Semi-Permeable Membrane model
D. The Membrane Permeable model
Question Number 7
The difference between osmosis and diffusion is
A. osmosis refers to the movement of water across a membrane
B. diffusion travels down a gradient from high to low
C. osmosis uses active transport whereas diffusion is passive
D. osmosis does not require a membrane
E. diffusion refers to the movement of water across a membrane
Question Number 8
What is the difference between a tissue and an organ?
A. A tissue is a group of cells
B. A tissue is a group of organs with similar functions
C. An organ is a group of cells with similar structure and function
D. A tissue is a group of cells with similar structure & function
Question Number 9
The correct equation for photosynthesis is
A. Sugar + Water (sunlight) Carbon dioxide + Oxygen
B. Carbon dioxide + Oxygen (sunlight) Water + Sugar
C. Carbon dioxide + water (sunlight) Sugar + Oxygen
D. Carbon dioxide + Sugar (sunlight) Oxygen + Water
Question Number 10
The difference between the xylem and phloem tissues is
A. Phloem consisits of dead cells
B. Phloem consists of living cells
C. Xylem transports food from leaves to roots
D. Xylem transports water from leaves to roots
Question Number 11
The order of the stages of mitosis are
A. Cytokinesis, Prophase, Metaphase, Telophase, Anaphase
B. Prophase, Metaphase, Telophase, Anaphase, Interphase
C. Cytokinesis, Prophase,Telophase, Metaphase, Anaphase
D. Prophase, Metaphase, Ananphase Telophase
Question Number 12
Urey & Millers experiment showed
A. that molecules are produced by chemical components
B. that organic molecules are produced in water
C. that organicmolecules can be formed by inorganic molecules
D. that amino acids are inorganic molecules
Question Number 13
The difference between a procaryote & a eucaryote is
A. Eucaryotes have membrane bound organelles
B. Eucaryotes have membrane bound cells
C. Procaryotes have membrane bound organelles
D. Eucaryotes include bacteria
Question Number 14
Which of these is in corect order?
A. Kingdom, Order, Class, Phylum
B. Kingdom, Class, Phylum, Order
C. Kingdom Phylum, Order, Class
D. Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order
Question Number 15
The theory of natural selection states
A. Species adapt to changes in the enviroment by evolving
B. Variations within a species increase the chance of some surviving if the environment changes
C. The strongest individuals always survive changes in the environment
D. Species that evolve will survive changes in the environment
Question Number 16
Why do we need biodiversity?
A. To mainain healthy ecosystems
B. To keep as many species alive as possible
C. To aid in agricultural success
D. To reduce the greenhouse effect
Question Number 17
What biotic factors can effect the number of species in an area?
A. Rainfall, temperature and humidity
B. Abundance of food
C. Number of mates, pedators and pathogens
D. All of the above
E. B & C only
F. A & B only
Question Number 18
Mutualism is
A. when one species benefits & doesn't affect the host
B. when both species benefit
C. when one species harms the host
D. when one species kills the host

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