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  Maintaining a balance Quiz
Question Number 1
Why do different organisms need to live in a particular temperature range?
A. Fluids within the body are not mobile at high and low temperatures
B. Enzymes for metabolism are operating at optimum activity level
C. Organs cannot function at low temperatures
D. Nervous systems cannot function at extreme temperatures
Question Number 2
Enzymes are?
A. carbohydates
B. proteins
C. steroids
D. lipids
Question Number 3
The active site for enzyme action is?
A. the site where enzymes are made
B. the site where the enzyme enters the substrate
C. part of the outer surface of the substrate
D. part of the enzyme that attaches to the substrate
Question Number 4
the pH of a substance is related to?
A. the number of hydrogen ions in a solution
B. the number of oxygen ions in a solution
C. the number of hydroxide ions in a solution
D. the number of water atoms in a solution
Question Number 5
what factors effect enzyme activity?
A. pH, temperature and oxygen concentration
B. pH, temperature and protein concentration
C. pH, temperature and enzyme concentration
D. pH, temperature and substrate concentration
Question Number 6
Which is true of homeostasis?
A. the internal state responds to the external state
B. the internal state is kept within limits regardless of the environment
C. the external state causes the internal state to change
D. enzymes are kept at a constant temperature
Question Number 7
An example of a response to a change in the external envronment is?
A. shivering
B. crying
C. sweating
D. dandruff
E. A, B and C
F. A and C
Question Number 8
When the body gets hot blood vessels respond by?
A. increasing blood flow to the organs
B. decreasing blood flow to the organs
C. increasing blood flow to the skin
D. decreasing blood flow to the skin
Question Number 9
Endotherms derive most of their body heat from?
A. increasing the bodys metabolic rate
B. the external environment
C. increased blood flow
D. cell metabolism
Question Number 10
An example of an Australian ectotherm is?
A. Platypus
B. Blue tongue lizard
C. Green tree frog
D. Bandicoot
E. B and C
F. B, C and D
Question Number 11
Blood contains which types of cells?
A. Red & White blood cells and Plasma
B. Red & White blood cells and Platelets
C. Red & White blood cells and Lymphocytes
D. Red & White blood cells, Plasma, Platelets and Lymphocytes
E. Red & White blood cells, Plasma and Platelets
Question Number 12
Which of these is carried in the blood?
A. Carbon dioxide, water and oxygen
B. Lipids, nitrogenous waste and salts
C. Oxygen, lipids and salts
D. A and B
E. B and C
Question Number 13
Carbon dioxide is carried in?
A. Haemoglobin molecules
B. Platelets
C. Plasma
D. White blood cells
Question Number 14
A Pulse oximeter is used to measure?
A. Oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
B. Oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs
C. Oxygen in the blood
D. Oxygen in the lungs
Question Number 15
Veins carry blood to?
A. the body from the heart
B. the heart from the body
C. the body to the organs
D. the arteries
E. the capillaries
Question Number 16
Removing carbon dioxide from the blood is important because?
A. It changes enzyme activity
B. It interrrupts glucose metabolism
C. It makes the blood alkaline
D. It makes the blood acidic
Question Number 17
The source to sink model in plants describes?
A. Sugar transport
B. Water transport
C. Phloem transport
D. Xylem transport

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