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  Test yourComputer Skill Quiz
Question Number 1
A number of computers connected together form a _________.
A. Bond
B. connection
C. Network
D. Super computer
Question Number 2
A jpeg refers to_______
A. A website
B. A picture
C. A song
D. A slide show
E. An error
Question Number 3
Mp4 file type is for
A. music
B. moving pictures
C. video
D. photo's
E. sound clips
Question Number 4
We know whats a download-what does upload refer to
A. Collecting from the internet to my device
B. Sending Software that is licenced
C. When we us the internet up
D. Sending from my device to the internet
Question Number 5
Where would you go to uninstall a programme?
A. Start
B. Hard drive
C. Internet
D. Control panel
E. Centra processing Unit
Question Number 6
What is
A. Important numbers
B. I T address
C. Google chrome
D. IP address
E. Cell phone number
Question Number 7
Which of the following is not a browser
A. Chrome
B. Andriod
C. Edge
D. Fire fox
E. Safari
Question Number 8
OS refers to___________
A. Open sourse
B. Operating system
C. Apple
D. Google
E. Operating surface
Question Number 9
What is the name of the hole into which flash drives are inserted in the computer?
A. UPS port
B. Memory stick port
C. USB port
D. Head phone port
E. Computer port
Question Number 10
What sound file type would you use in PowerPoint animations?
A. .gif
B. .mp4
C. .mp3
D. .wav
E. .jpj
Question Number 11
The place in which Windows stores deleted files
A. Title bar
B. Task bar
C. Recycle bin
D. Deleting bin
Question Number 12
When infomation is saved on the computer it is called a_________
A. Digital piece of work
B. Bineray
C. File
D. word processing
E. An encryption
Question Number 13
Power point animations uses what sound file type.
A. Mp3
B. Wav
C. Wva
D. Mp4
Question Number 14
_______ is the most popular multimedia slide presentation program used today.
A. Coral draw
B. Power point
C. Photo shop
D. excel
E. publisher
Question Number 15
What does email stand for?
A. Explorer mail
B. Exchange mail
C. Electronic mail
D. Exit mail
E. excellent mail
Question Number 16
Which drive letter is assigned to the hard drive drive?
A. D
B. C
C. E
D. B
E. A
Question Number 17
What does TB stand for
A. Tool bar
B. Terra byte
C. Task bar
D. Terra bag
E. Giga byte
Question Number 18
The non-physical portion of the computer; the part that exists only as data, i.e. the programs
A. Desktop
B. Hardware
C. This Pc
D. Software
Question Number 19
It contains menus such as save, save as, open, close, info, recent, new, print, save & send, help, add-in, option and exit.
A. Insert tab
B. View tab
C. Developers tab
D. File tab
E. Review tab
Question Number 20
What another phrase for URL
A. Programme files
B. Website address
C. Internet Files
D. Desktop wallpaper
E. Google chrome

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